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How the traffic police can deprive drivers of their ‘rights’ with the help of ‘their’ witnesses

When submitting material for a motorist caught driving under the influence, the traffic police officer is obliged to videotape what...

The holidays are upon us: how to properly engage in car sex during the New Year holidays

New Year holidays are a great time to explore something new. Get on a snowboard, grab a book from...

Cruel car setups on the road: Drivers, insurers and the Ministry of the Interior shrug their shoulders

In four years, law enforcement received more than 40,000 claims from victims totaling more than $22 billion in damages. ...

The Court of Cassation returned the “rights” to the driver who fled the scene of an accident

Situations where motorists are denied their "rights" for leaving the scene of an accident, as evidenced by law enforcement practice,...

When buying car parts, you can run out of money and parts

Scammers have mastered a new scheme of "divorce" on the Internet, where both buyers and sellers are "thrown" for money....

“Drunk accident driver” Mikhail Efremov is shaken in a colony for money

While the lawyer of the actor Mikhail Efremov, who arranged the "drunk" accident, files a complaint with the chairman of...

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