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GeForce Now: new games and new ways to play

GeForce Now adds new games compatible with the service every Thursday, expanding its already huge list of titles that users can enjoy as if they were playing locally, but with the features of a next-generation high-end PC. But also on many occasions This is complemented by new features that expand the scope of the servicewhich allows its users to enjoy it on more platforms and in better conditions.

Today is one of those days and it coincides with the launch of Logitech G CLOUD in Spain, as we already confirmed a few days ago, GeForce Now confirms its full compatibility with itso that those who have or are planning to buy it already know that they will have access to games from their collections that are compatible with the NVIDIA service, something key in a console like this, designed specifically for cloud gaming

Let’s recall at first glance the technical specifications of the Logitech C CLOUD: 7-inch IPS touch screen with FullHD resolution and a refresh rate of 60 Hz, SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G (eight cores, up to 2.3 GHz), 4 gigabytes of RAM LPDDR4X and 64 gigabytes of storage UFS, powered by battery o 6000 milliamps which, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, provides up to 12 hours of autonomy and fully charged in just two and a half hours.

With it, users will be able to access gamepad-compatible GeForce titles using touch controls or G CLOUD’s customizable integrated precision game controls.

Festival of Skulls in Warhammer

GeForce Now is also joining the Warhammer Skulls Festival, an event dedicated to all the titles of the saga that started today. So these days there will be important announcements about some titles from the franchise, there will be various activities going on, and it will also be the best time to get games from the saga, as they have significant discounts (up to 80% in some cases) on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. In order not to miss them, new promotional labels will inform you about this and similar events without delay.

GeForce Now: new games and new ways to play

GeForce Now Thursday, new games

And now we come to what users of the service are surely waiting for, the list of new games added to the service this week, in a particularly release-packed week.

As we told you some time ago, Microsoft and NVIDIA signed an agreement to bring the titles from Redmond to the cloud gaming platform of the green giant. As a result of this deal, last week saw the long-awaited debut of Gears 5, a game that has been available on GeForce Now for a week. But that was just the beginning because the plans go much further and today we have a preview of it, from three new games from the Xbox catalog are incorporated:

  • Grounded: Survive together with your friends in co-op mode in a huge world that was actually yours until your size was reduced by several orders of magnitude.
  • repentance– Become a 16th-century penitent and solve a murderous conspiracy that has haunted Kiersau Monastery for 25 years.
  • DEATHLOOP: two assassins, a time loop, the mysterious island of Blackreef and all the ammo you can get to enjoy this first-person shooter from Arkane Lyon.

So here’s the full list of games added to GeForce Now this week:

  • Blooming Business: Casino (new release on Steam, May 23)
  • Plane of Lana (new release on Steam, May 23)
  • Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun (new release on Steam, May 23)
  • Above Snakes (new release on Steam, May 25)
  • Railway Empire 2 (new release on Steam, May 25)
  • The Lord of the Rings: Gollum (new release on Steam, May 25)
  • Deathloop (Steam)
  • Grounded (Steam)
  • Lawn Mowing Simulator (Steam)
  • Pentiment (Steam)
  • The Ascent (Steam)
  • Patch Quest (Steam)

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