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TikTok is testing its own chatbot Tako, which will be different from ChatGPT

Watchful Technologies reporter Daniel Buchuk showed the first screenshots of the chatbot. In them you can see a new element of the interface – a round avatar of Taco above the avatar of the video author. It looks more like a ghost than a taco. Clicking on it opens a chat screen where the bot can answer a wide variety of questions. It is not known which artificial intelligence model TikTok uses to work.

what is known

Tako will show suggested prompts to help the user start a conversation with the bot. According to one commenter, “If I’m watching a cooking video and I want a recipe, I get the relevant videos on TikTok, or if I ask about fine art exhibitions in Paris, it shows with the video list of tips in the answer.” The clue offered by Taco in one of the screenshots reads: “What is the significance of King Charles III’s coronation?”

Chatbot Tako by TikTok / Photo by Watchful

TikTok representative Zachary Kizer described the chatbot as a “limited experiment” and told The Verge that it is currently unavailable to users in North America and Europe. The company said in a tweet that the test was only conducted in the Philippines.

We are in the early stages of exploring chatbot tools with limited Tako testing among select users in the Philippines. Tako is an AI-powered tool that helps you search and find TikTok. Tako is powered by a third-party chat assistant and is designed to make it easy to find fun and inspiring content on TikTok. We don’t currently plan to go beyond these early tests, but we’d love to hear your feedback!
– is said in company messages.

TikTok has filed a trademark for a “chatbot software” called Tako, which suggests the company is gearing up for a wider release after all.

Source: 24 Tv



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