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Intel is chasing AMD again with AI components in future CPUs

Intel states that the planned Meteor Lake CPUs will be equipped with a so-called VPU. This is an AI accelerator designed to support AI workloads in Windows.

Intel is impressed with AMD’s newly announced Ryzen 7040U series for laptops. This doesn’t happen with those exact words, but with an announcement all around Meteor Lake. This is the codename for the next generation of (laptop) processors from the manufacturer, which is planned for release later this year. Intel says Meteor Lake will get what’s called a VPU: that’s a built-in accelerator for AI workloads.

Ryzen AI

The VPU appears to be Intel’s answer to the XDNA Ryzen AI chiplet that AMD introduced on the 7040 processors. The structure is exactly the same, Intel also admits between the lines. After all, we read in the announcement that the “Meteor Lake” VPU is the first PC platform by Intel with integrated dedicated AI engine on the SoC.”

Intel works with Microsoft for its VPU. The chiplet on Meteor Lake is said to support AI functionality within Windows 11. Other ISVs are also involved in the project. This is not an isolated case either: Although AMD was initially vague about the added value of Ryzen AI, the processor specialist has now indicated that it is also working with Microsoft. So it looks like Windows 11 will soon be able to use chips from AMD and Intel to accelerate AI-related workloads.


The fact that Intel is jumping on board shows once again how quickly AI is becoming an integral part of computing in general. Soon all new computers from both AMD and Intel will automatically have AI accelerators on board.

At the same time, the announcement makes it clear that Intel is still on the hunt for the company. Once again, the manufacturer is forced to get excited about a novelty that has not yet appeared, while the competitor has already launched it.

Source: IT Daily



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