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Tesla: Leaked documents reveal thousands of autopilot safety complaints

ABOUT autopilot is one of the main bets Tesla for the future of the automotive industry. But while the company claims its technology “improves safety and driving comfort” on its support page, the German newspaper Handelsblattby using Engadgetclaims to have received about 100 GB of data from users complaining about technology in the period from 2015 to 2022.

Problems with Tesla autopilot

05/26/2023 at 14:05

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According to the newspaper, they received about 23,000 internal files from the automaker pilots who had problems with the functionality. In seven years, there have been file leaks 2400 complaints that the car accelerates by itself and 1,500 cases of braking problems – of which 139 reported unintentional braking and 383 stops with false collision warnings.

ABOUT Engadget details that 100 GB of leaked files also contained tables with more 1000 accidents with autopilot and another with 3,000 cases where users were concerned about the security of the company’s system. Tesla.

Credits: Tesla Disclosure

As expected, the vast majority of cases occurred in the US, but some of these records were also made by drivers from Europe and Asia. In addition to safety complaints, the newspaper also found instructions from the automaker for its employees not to respond to complaints via email, messages, and voicemail recordings – at the same time, they can only communicate with customers orally.

ABOUT Engadget notes that the editor-in-chief Handelsblatt , Sebastian Matthes, reported that all leaked files were analyzed by a team of 12 people who analyzed them for six months. Matthes claims he posted the content because “the data paints a picture of an electric vehicle pioneer who appears to have much more serious technological problems.” customers who have confirmed problems.

A Tesla did not respond to newspaper questions. But a company spokesman said the data had been stolen from the automaker and that disclosure was prohibited.

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Via: Engadget Source: Handelsblatt


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