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Studio develops ‘Stranger Things’ official mobile games is shutting down

Announcing that it will enter the gaming industry in November 2021 and release dozens of original games to date, Netflix hasn’t quite reached the point it wants in this industry. While the company’s games received little attention today, From a big studio that works for Netflix There is also bad news.

Mobile game development of Stranger Things, one of Netflix’s most popular series, BonusXP The studio has announced that it will close. In a statement shared on Twitter, the studio added that their current goal is to empower team members to find new opportunities.

Description shared by BonusXP:

“We have started the arduous process of discontinuing activities at BonusXP. We have been making games for you for 11 years with great pleasure. Our focus is on helping our team find their next opportunity. If you’re looking for great gaming talent, get in touch.”

bonus xp

BonusXP hasn’t just developed Stranger Things games for Netflix either. Besides this game The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance tactics He also made a name for himself in the Netflix library with his game.

The studio that turned Netflix’s flagship series into a mobile game It is unknown why it was closed. There was no explanation from Netflix on the subject. The studio works with Netflix only an independent studio Let me point it out. Therefore, the closure has no direct consequences for Netflix.

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