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I freed up a lot of space on my Android TV quickly and easily with this free app

I have a cheap smart TV with Android TV, which has two meanings: I like what OS is best for a TV because of things like the number of apps and the customization it allows, and my TV hardware is cheap. And yes, having a modest chip and memory shows a lot in its performance. Even though you can’t create miracles with what you have, the application that I want to talk about today helps me. keep memory usage under control so my tv runs as smoothly as possible.

The app in question, X-plore File Manager, is a file explorer and is available on the Google Play Store for Android TV. While it’s not the only file explorer out there (another good alternative is File Commander), most I love how complete it is because it’s free and ad-free (It is detailed in the description of the Play Store that there are ads, but I never found them).

X-File Manager is a Swiss army knife for Android TV

If you have an entry-level TV like mine or it started to slow down for no apparent reason, it seems necessary to install this file manager to solve (or at least improve) in a few minutes. The idea is to essentially eliminate apps and services that eat up the TV’s memory and that we can’t do without.

Among the many features of X-Plore, interesting for this task are ‘disk map‘. While explorer-style apps tend to be overwhelming due to all the information it offers, I can already tell you that this manager is generally pretty clear thanks to its full translation into Spanish and its visual interface (what more could it be). modern? Yes).

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On the left, the ‘Disk Map’ graphic

Entering the ‘Disk Map’ shows graphically and visually everything occupied by the files I have loaded on my TV, which allows me to see two things: how much space does it take and which files can i delete. The icing on the cake is that there are times when the TV won’t let you delete certain apps, but that’s okay: X-Plore can unroot them. To do this, you must go to ‘Shared internal storage’ and switch to the ‘Installed’ or ‘System’ folders.

After deleting the distributable files, normally I continue to take care of my TV with another basic task to keep it as agile as possible: delete the cache of the television that doesn’t need apps: just go into my Android TV’s settings and enter each of the apps in ‘Applications’ and click on ‘Empty cache’. Best of all, I use the Background Apps and Process List applet to disable services that consume a lot of RAM in the background from serving me.

Run all these processes They take no more than five minutes and ensure that my TV’s core hardware performs as well as it can.. While you can download it on Android TV, it also works on dongles as popular as Google TV and Chromecast.

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