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Google tries to make email cool with Gmail reactions

We knew they were coming, but I'm...

An engineer has created a “blind camera” that shoots with the help of sound.

In a regiment of unusual cameras, a new device appeared on board with a neural network. Mexican developer Diego Trujillo Pisanti created the Blind Camera project. This is a camera equipped with a Raspberry Pi 3B single-board computer and neural network. But it has no lens.

Instead, artificial intelligence generates images based on sound echoes from the surrounding world. You need to point the camera at the object, the horn on the device picks up the sound, then the neural network analyzes it, which creates a generalized image of the source.

The developer said he built and trained the neural network using a series of videos. The neural network model compares the data with the materials it was trained on and then creates an image. It looks like this:

The camera itself is made in a 3D-printed enclosure. It has a small screen that performs the functions of the viewfinder and also displays data about the machining process.

Previously, engineer Björn Karmann presented the Paragraphica camera without a lens, but with a neural network and based on the Raspberry Pi 4. Geolocation, weather, etc. It produces images based on data about

Source: Port Altele



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Google tries to make email cool with Gmail reactions

We knew they were coming, but I'm still not sure we were ready for them: Google, Reactions to emails with emojis. ...


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