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Insta360 remote GPS: review, features and price of new version with GPS, BD and GLONASS support


Alongside the presentation of the new Insta360 X3, Insta360 has announced a new version of its GPS bluetooth remote control compatible with its camera X3, One R and One RS 360. This new accessory replaces the previous GPS Smart Remote. some interesting developments.

Cosa c’è di nuovo?

  • GPS increases speed and power: speed is above stats in videos such as altitude, slope, heading and map.
  • All Bluetooth 5.0 camera connection: Quickly check Bluetooth support.
  • Rugged and waterproof to 5m: IPX8 waterproof for performance in any atmospheric conditions.
  • Position, handlebar, selfie stick etc. 2 cinturini adjustment knobs for mounting.
  • Contemporary camcorder control with the Insta360 X3, ONE R e ONE RS

The most notable of these updates is the GPS revision. The new Action Remote now has a powerful GPS system with 3 modes using the network. GPS, BD and GLONASSche ne migliorano la ggancio ai satelliti and the return of la compatibility to the world.

Additionally, sealing for performance in any atmospheric conditions is a gradual upgrade considering the older model was not waterproof at all. ) and there are some extra features that caught our attention, especially the possibility to control multiple cameras at the same time.

Respect all previous versions, remote control manubrio essere fissato essere with posso, selfie stick, gomma Attach a rigid clip to do whatever is necessary. Confezione ne vengono forsanti in 2 different lengths: 14 and 25 cm

How does it work?

The stat, which is important for filming from the editing application, can make it easy to create a fun “statistic” on mobility. it’s a bastard information quality selection Add basic video ed alle necesitas.

Grazie alla grafica moderna, il risultato renderà il video ancora più attractive ed interessante shows the details about the circumstances and the position at the time of recovery.

New version of remote control Insta360 Buy from official site for 83 € You Can Take Advantage Of The Deals On Amazon

Insta360 Controllo remote dell’azione GPS



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Insta360 Controllo remote for dell’azione GPS Imposta avviso – €83.69

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