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Very good news: Xiaomi has just updated the Redmi Note 11 and now you can enjoy the latest version of MIUI 14 No comments

Xiaomi continues to offer MIUI 14 to some delayed devices that have not yet received it. One of them is the popular Redmi Note 11 terminal, although it has been on the market for less time compared to others that already have this system in the market. Still couldn’t enjoy MIUI 14something left behind in the end.

Of course, you should take into account that for now we only have Mi Pilot version of this software, so Only registered users of this program can try. It will arrive in other terminals with its stable version in a few weeks, so at least we have official confirmation that it will be available for all Redmi Note 11 soon.

If you own the Redmi Note 11, you will finally be able to enjoy MIUI 14.

In this case, you should know that Redmi Note 11 just got MIUI 14 Global ROM under Android 13 based firmware version V14.0.2.0.TGKMIXM and for now only users registered in the Xiaomi Mi Pilot program can install However, if all goes well, we will be able to enjoy it in a stable release via OTA in just a few weeks.

note 11

Best of all, the Redmi Note 11, based on Android 13, will be able to enjoy every single one of the new features that Xiaomi has introduced in this system. These improvements are mainly better optimization of the phone as well as reduction of the same latencyConsidering that it is a low-quality device, two very important elements.

Therefore, all that remains now is to wait for the Asian firm to decide to release the stable version of this software, which shouldn’t be long before it arrives. What is clear is MIUI 14 distribution still in progress and there are already many terminals that can take advantage of it, but there are many other terminals from Mundo Xiaomi that we will keep you informed.

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In the Xiaomi World | If you don’t like the sky in that photo, you can change it in a few clicks from the MIUI gallery.

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