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Government’s mosquito app won’t prevent you from getting bitten, but claims to prevent disease: Mosquito Alert now available

Even the fanciest of summer fans will agree that mosquitoes are the worst part of summer. And they are not only annoying, but their bites also carry dangers. For this reason, it was chosen. an app that helps prevent these pests better.

As CSIC said, it is an expected platform. extreme vigilance through citizen cooperation with a project that saves distances, reminiscent of what we achieved with ‘Radar COVID’. We hope it works better than that though.

How does ‘Mosquito Alert’ work on our Android mobile?

The ‘Mosquito Alert’ application was already available in other regions, but now the Ministry of Health has launched it, together with the Alerts and Emergencies Coordination Center. now available for download on Google Play (and in the App Store for iOS). They also do this in collaboration with the aforementioned CSIC (Supreme Council for Scientific Research) and Universitat Pompeu Fabra, the Center for Ecological Research and Forestry Practices and the Catalan Institute for Research and Advanced Studies. Clearly, The app is one hundred percent free..

Of course, the precise implementation of everyone’s cooperation to achieve the goal, the possibility for it provide the citizen with all kinds of information about mosquitoes. It not only allows us to report a bite, but also to indicate whether we have seen a particular mosquito species and its breeding location (something common in humid areas and near sewers).

Mosquito Alert 1

The app must have active notifications as well as location. This is intended to help in the short term. notify other users of the presence of mosquitoes and thus prevent them.

As soon as we get inside, we find, among other things, a quick user guide. inform visually what are the most dangerous mosquito species. They even attach photos so we can identify them properly.

Mosquito Alert 2

In the previous example we saw information provided when reporting a bite, to be the foundation for the platform. The number of bites, the parts of our body, the place where we were bitten and even the moment. Having stated this, we are asked to more accurately indicate the place where we suffer so that we can mark it on the map with our finger.

Mosquito Alert 3

Regardless of whether we were bitten or seen then, specify the type of mosquito we are aware of. Even a photograph can be added if we can distinguish it from its shape, size and color. The same thing happens with the possibility of adding a breeding ground when it is on public roads.

You will see that there is a section called ‘My Data’ in it. you can check all your history on a map or list the number of reports depending on the locations you specify. Editing is also allowed if we want to provide more information or eliminate erroneous data.

it must be said app rewards participation in a symbolic way with a series of digital badges visible from the home screen. As we enter, we can even see a ranking with scores based on providing data.

Mosquito Alert

Join the world’s largest mosquito surveillance network. Contribute to the research and monitoring of invasive mosquitoes and epidemiological interest with the Mosquito Alert app.

Free Download Free Download

More info | Mosquito Alert

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