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Linda Yaccarino is already the new CEO of Twitter

Twitter has become a soap operaand currently it is still unclear whether Linda Yaccarino will become his new permanent protagonist, or instead we are facing a secondary character who may either recur or gain some prominence during the season, only to disappear once the character is no longer important to the main plot of the story.

As you may remember, on May 12th we started the day with a leak that Linda Yaccarino might be tapped for the role of CEO of the social network, a news that was only confirmed a few hours later. In this way, a subplot of the story that opened a few months ago began to close, when Elon Musk decided to put to a public vote whether he should remain in the role of CEO of Twitter, a vote that was easily resolved. result, predictable and this encouraged the billionaire to step aside.

However, according to information published in mid-February this year, Musk originally intended to stay on as CEO until the end of this year, something which matched the attitude he seemed to display in this regard, and which made one think he had not the slightest desire to take off his stripes, although leaving office did not detract from the absolute power he wielded. , who is the unique owner of the little bird social network. We can imagine that this “progress” was due to the multiple pressures for attention he was receiving from other companies of hers.

Although the announcement of the appointment came a few weeks ago, we were still waiting for it to take effect, which Musk said would take about six weeks. However, the wait was shorter because, as she confirmed herself tweet, Linda Yaccarino has already taken over the role of CEO at Twitter. Recall that to accept the position, Jaccarino had to resign from his previous job as head of advertising at NBCUniversal Media, which he had been a part of for more than eleven and a half years.

Let’s remember that with Linda Yaccarino at the head of Twitter Elon Musk intends to focus on the areas of products, technologies and systems, which retains the roles of executive president and chief technology officer (CTO) for that purpose. For her part, the new CEO will no doubt focus much of her efforts on growing ad billings and hopefully normalizing Twitter’s relationship with institutions like the European Commission.

Source: Muy Computer



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