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Google tries to make email cool with Gmail reactions

We knew they were coming, but I'm...

ChatGPT for iOS gets Siri support

OpenAI has announced several new updates to its iOS app, including the integration of shortcuts. You can now create a ChatGPT tooltip in shortcuts and save it as a link between the AI ​​tool and different applications. For example, ask ChatGPT to answer a question or find a fact, then send the answer to a friend or save it as a note. You can now also ask Siri to open ChatGPT or create these shortcuts. ChatGPT for iOS already uses OpenAI’s Whisper speech recognition for voice input and Siri expands accessibility.

The new drag and drop feature further integrates ChatGPT into iOS devices, allowing you to drag messages from its interface to other apps. It’s kind of like a manual version of shortcuts, so it’s up to you which method to use.

ChatGPT will also be better supported on iPad. Previously, iPad users couldn’t get a full-screen experience while using the app – OpenAI only formatted the app for iPhone-sized screens. It will now take up all your available screen space and ideally provide a less clunky experience.

The updates follow ChatGPT’s recent expansion of OpenAI across Apple platforms, where it first launched an iOS app for US users in mid-May and soon expanded to 11 more countries. Prior to these updates, the app was already syncing conversations with your computer and providing access to GPT-4 for ChatGPT Plus subscribers. While ChatGPT continues to grow its presence on Apple devices, Android owners still have to wait for the app.

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Google tries to make email cool with Gmail reactions

We knew they were coming, but I'm still not sure we were ready for them: Google, Reactions to emails with emojis. ...


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