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Pope Francis is recovering and resuming his work from the hospital

Clinical picture Pope Francis ‘gradually improving’ According to a medical report released this Friday by the Vatican, after undergoing surgery on Wednesday for a hernia and a normal postoperative period, he was able to get up and spend the morning sitting in a chair and resumed his work.

“Pope Francis rested all night. The medical team reports that the clinical picture is gradually improving and postoperative period is normal. After breakfast, His Holiness began to move and spent most of the morning in a chair. This allowed him to read newspapers and return to your original job“, the Vatican said in a statement.

Francisco spent a second good night in Gemelli Hospital in Romeafter surgery, which was necessary to avoid intestinal obstruction, and during which some adhesions and a mesh was placed over the abdomen.

On Thursday afternoon, it was reported that Francisco had fed.on a liquid diet. Indicators of hemodynamics (which studies blood circulation) and respiration are stable. Postoperative evolution is normal.

The pope has been in the papal apartment on the tenth floor of the Roman hospital for the third day, and it is not yet known how many days he will stay in the hospital.

Dr. Sergio Alfieri, who operated on him, explained that this type of surgery requires 5-7 days of hospitalizationbut he said that we must take into account that dad is 86 years old.

On Thursday, the Pope received the Eucharist as it was the Body of Christ, and among the messages he received, he was surprised by a poster made for him by the Peruvian family of a child he himself had baptized during his previous hospitalization last March, for pneumonia, and called the mother. to thank her.

This Francisco has been received for the third time in Gemelli. after colon surgery in July 2021, when 33 centimeters of the intestine was removed, and pneumonia in March last year.

For now, the Vatican has canceled all audiences and activities for the Pope until June 18, and two trips he will make to Lisbon in early August for World Youth Day and to Mongolia later that month are supported. .


Source: Aristegui Noticias



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