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Iker Casillas was the neighbor of the largest cocaine laboratory in Europe

Europe’s largest cocaine lab was dismantled in an “unprecedented” police operation, revealing links betweencartels of Mexico and Colombia, featuring two drug dealers from the Canary Islands, a junk dealer from the Basque Country, and two key locations: a hidden house in the village of Cotobade (Pontevedra) and a luxurious house in an upmarket neighborhood’La Finca’, located on the outskirts of Madrid, is known for being home to celebrities and football players such as Iker Casillas and Cristina Pedroche.

open case and investigation channel and events Iberian presspresented the work of ten months of research conducted by Brigada Central Narcotics Unit of the Spanish National Police And Narcotics Prosecutor of the National Courtreaffirming that while the operation was a success, issues remain to be resolved, such as identifying the cartels responsible for this project, which has turned a home in one of Europe’s most prestigious neighborhoods into a drug production laboratory “comparable to those found in the Colombian jungle”.

Photo: Anti-Drug Prosecutor of the National Court

observation of Hernando Sanchez Reybrother of a famous drug dealer known as “Pigtails»was critical to the investigation, the investigation said.

According to counternarcotics sources, Hernando Sanchez Rey is an important drug trafficker who acted as a liaison for “Crazy” barrier, attention Pablo Escobar’s successor and is currently serving a sentence in the United States. El Coletas worked with cartels in Bogota, and in Madrid he was connected to Miami, always associated with powerful figures.

While his brother is in jail Hernando settled in La Finca, luxury house on the outskirts of Madrid, home to many footballers and celebrities.

Photo: Anti-Drug Prosecutor of the National Court

The organization’s leader in Spain “led a luxurious life in La Finca,” with no known job and spending around 15,000 euros a month, while the police kept a close eye on him, the report said.

“In an area where a square meter is of high value, there are houses that fluctuate between four and twenty million euros.

In order to covertly conduct an investigation in this exclusive area with private security, agents of the Central Narcotics Brigade had to dress like Amazon couriers and wealthy neighbors, and even with the use of luxury cars seized in previous operations against drug traffickers.

Photo: Insight Crime

The owner of the house, a Venezuelan citizen, said she sold it to the company a year earlier and had nothing to do with what happened there. However, one of those detained during the police operation turned out to be his daughter’s partner.

“Perhaps they saw that this was the right place to set up a laboratory. It was very close to Portugal and about 150 kilometers from the port of Leixoes, where they unloaded disguised cocaine,” the sources in the case explained.

The Central Narcotics Brigade has already identified two drug dealers living on the farm. “Cautious people, without too much noise, discreet.” The criminals took advantage of the personal relationship of the owner’s daughter and chose the house to install the laboratory.

Photo: Photolaboratory

The report says that the new trend in the drug trade is bring basic paste to Europe, not cocaine, and set up laboratories here in the area where it will be sold. “The attempt that was made in Galicia is the largest known to date.” At the same time, “Colombians supplied the logistics of the laboratory and Mexican group provided funding as well as a car to hide it,” police sources told Spanish journalists.

They explain that inside the lab, in a Galician village, all the chefs responsible for turning pasta into drugs were out of touch with the outside world. “They work there, they live there, they don’t leave the house.”

Photo: Anti-Drug Prosecutor of the National Court

After ten months of investigation, the Spanish police succeeded in dismantling the largest cocaine laboratory in Europe, capable of producing about two hundred kilograms of coca a day.

The authorities also prevented about 24,000 liters of chemicals such as ether and sulfuric acid from being dumped into a nearby river, which would have resulted in deadly infection and kill the vegetation and fauna in the area.

In addition, they seized 1,300 kg of coca paste and 24,000 liters of chemical precursors in order to prepare them and turn them into drugs. They also found another fifty kilos of cocaine with the Superman logo, the signature of the cartel that owns the drug, a sort of seal of quality by which they guarantee its origin and quality to the client.

Source: Aristegui Noticias



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