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Google Photos will recognize you… from behind, too

Google Photos has become one of the search engine company’s star services over the years. Much of this success is due to the fact that for years Google allowed unlimited smartphone photo uploads to the service, as long as it was done through an Android or iOS app. So many users have used this service and unlimited storage for years to manage their huge image collections.

If we stop for a moment, It’s scary to imagine how much space Google would end up devoting over the years, to all the free storage you offer in Google Photos. So Google understandably announced at the end of 2020 that unlimited free photo storage would end in June 2021, and although that was a shame for many users. Since then, it was the only way to have a huge collection of photos. in Google Photos, of course, it goes through the box, although it is true that it makes available other very interesting functions, such as the ineffable Magic Eraser or the even more amazing Magic Editor presented by the company in the past Google I. /O 2023.

While not new, one of the features most appreciated by users of services like Google Photos and the like is facial recognition to identify people that appear in the photograph. This function allows us to practically automatically group all shots in which a certain person appears. It is true that sometimes there is a misidentification and sometimes the face is not identified, but with the development of this technology, this happens less and less, and correcting these minimal errors is something that we can solve in a moment, when faced with a huge amount of time that we would have to spend, if we had to manually edit each one.

Knowing the value that users place on this feature, it seems that Google has decided to take a surprising step further. So as we can read in PhoneArena, Google Photos is learning to identify people who appear from behind. For this purpose, and although Google has not yet officially specified it, the system could use the context of the image along with other images that were taken at that very moment.

Although the system still seems to make errors, in some tests performed by several users, the result was positive. And in any case, in this situation, Google Photos does not automatically assign a label that identifies the person in the image, but shows it as a suggestion so that we can mark whether it is correct or not.

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