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They turn the devil’s shoe on its head: It turns out that brands are knowingly causing problems for more talk on the Internet!


Let’s think about it; especially when we talk about a brand online, is it mostly praise or criticism? Looking at the proportions, the majority of consumers make negative comments It can be seen that he talks about brands on the internet.

Of course, some brands that want to put the devil in their shoes have figured out how to turn this negative situation into a positive outcome. To notice, conscious engages in controversial activities on the Internet. The goal is to get people talking about the brand. to this strategy controversial marketing is called.

They engage in activities that will offend a particular group to create controversy.

Brands using this strategy of saying the ad isn’t good or bad are deliberately targeting certain people to elicit a response from a particular group. offend or insult they behave.

With their disruptive behavior, they make people talk about the subject, especially on the Internet and in their environment. encouragement to talk Brands that want to use this strategy use it to make sure their brand name is heard.

The goal is to create some kind of shock effect on people!

Brands that sometimes create a shock effect by the way they deal with a certain problem in an advertising campaign, sometimes by releasing a problematic product, and sometimes by their posts on social media platforms provoke people’s reactions to these situations, which actually quite negative. they use it to their advantage.

For example, The Last of Us was initially released with serious problems, but the problems in the game were resolved in a short time.

When The Last of Us first came out, players complained about optimization issues, random crashes, freezes, and much more. So much so, from the reviews on the Steam store when the game first came out. 67% were negative.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Redfall, The Callisto Protocol and Sons of the Forest Games like The Last of Us came out with serious problems, and these games were also fixed in a short time.

The fact that the game was problematic allowed players who reacted strongly to the problems in the game to comment on the Internet and discuss these problems. In a very short time, the problems were solved and the demands of the players were met, and when we look at the result, this awkward situation is actually the result of the games. being heard causes.

Even if it is negative, it is very useful for brands to interact with the brand.

Because the internet algorithm, even if you make a bad comment, the comment you made is the subject. that you find interesting and with whom you communicate on the topic. interprets it.

Thus, the topic and brand that created the discussion in question is reflected in every interaction stands out even more.

Brands follow this strategy with the logic that the greater the risk, the greater the return.

From this point of view, brands sometimes make bold moves, especially in the Internet environment. situations that cause controversy consciously creates.

Brand with this strategy million dollars they can earn the income they get from advertising campaigns!

For example, he is the one who opened the doors to the world he now has for Kim Kardashian. leak of images The debacle can also be seen as some sort of controversial marketing strategy.

For example, while this campaign by Airbnb caused a lot of controversy, it brought huge profits to the brand.

In his advertisement to draw attention to the Syrian refugee crisis and to defend people’s rights to shelter. “No matter who you are, where you come from, who you love or worship, we believe we all belong. The world is more beautiful if you accept it” Airbnb, which delivered its message, was supported on the one hand and received a great response on the other.

Although the ad generated a lot of controversy, it was very brief about the ad. 33,000 tweets and many people supported the campaign. Looking at the result, it seems that Airbnb has benefited from this controversial situation.

KFC’s campaign to turn the chicken supply crisis into an opportunity is another example of success in this area.

In 2018, the problems with KFC’s chicken supply had grown to the point that people took to Twitter about it. hashtags for chicken crisis had opened.

KFC then made a smart move and turned the crisis into an opportunity. To apologize to our customers, if we replace the letters “KFC” with Turkish “HSSKTR” which would mean something like “FC” and apologized to his customers by accepting that they had failed in this regard.

The FCK campaign received a lot of attention on social media and People began to talk about more than the chicken crisis.

As a result, we see that with their usual vigilance, brands can take advantage of even seemingly negative situations. Given this information, even if we are very angry with a brand, I think about it on the Internet. do not talk seems like the best option…

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