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ZTE Smart Micro Projector is the new compact projector with 1080p resolution


Today, during the China International Information and Communications Expo, Chinese tech giant ZTE launched a new smart micro projector for home, it’s called: ZTE Smart Micro Projector

ZTE Smart Micro Projector is the new compact projector with 1080p resolution

Concentrating on a scenario layout for this product and home internet use, providing an intelligent vision experience and a superior quality experience from all key usage parts.

The ZTE Smart Micro Projector is aimed at the youth and is an affordable product that combines looks, quality and portability. In quanto all’aspetto, il prodotto enables a design to adopt a full fledged design. ah inoltre Dimensions of a librarymakes it easy and convenient to transport.

In terms of brightness, the projector has reached i. 300 ANSI lumens The best you can imagine is the brightest light, mentor Physical resolution reaches up to 1080P And the quality of the imagination should be of the highest level. The product adopted the technology trapezoidal auto-correction and supports an automatic fuoco message.

As quanto alla parte acoustica, task and situation Message about Golden Ears optimizing the sound quality and sound field, giving users a better visual experience. In addition, the projector operates silently and provides a user-friendly experience.

Lo ZTE Smart Micro Projector ha anche un auxiliary vocal AI integratedsupport remote voice control, support access dual-band Wi-Fi 6 In conjunction with the HDMI 2.0 interface, various devices such as cellular phones and computers can easily transmit your private property. Supports all fast pace, interface and customization of interface Possibility to install the application to help developers create their own video duplication applications.

We remember that as the world’s leading supplier of domestic multimedia terminals, ZTE is engaged in the development and implementation of high-quality domestic finished products. In the future, ZTE will continue to explore innovative products and support the building and development of the smart home ecosystem.

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