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Google has introduced many new features of new developments in artificial intelligence in Google Wallet: here are the details!

Google unveiled the highly anticipated I/O event tonight. Google Pixel watchGoogle Pixel Buds ProGoogle Pixel tablet and many more products introduced. In addition to these devices, many software and software updates were also introduced at the event.

Google offers continuous innovations in software and in its case today includes Google Maps. to artificial intelligence introduced the innovations he prepared in many subjects. Here are all the innovations and improvements introduced at the Google I/O 2022 event!

A brand new mode has arrived in Google Maps: Immersive View

One of the new features introduced at the event, Immersive View, uses artificial intelligence to create cities and even buildings. 3D modeling result emerges. This feature allows users to explore the modeled cities and view the modeled buildings. they can go in.

Google built this new Maps feature by combining satellite view and street view. This way you can get to your destination. bird’s eye view like before satellite image be able to determine; then you can extract information from the current situation – for example the traffic situation or the crowd – by approaching the location with the street scene. While this feature is currently only active for a few major cities, the map is said to be expanding soon.

No more groping in the dark on Google Meet

Video calling, an indispensable part of our lives with the pandemic, is undoubtedly being used in many fields. Thanks to the new update to Google Meet, users can go even in a dark environment. even when they are in backlight is clearly displayed on the camera. The system introduced at the event allows the artificial intelligence to recognize the users and make the necessary adjustments, allowing the users to It makes it clearly visible.

Google’s New Skin Color Catalog

Google’s Harvard professor Dr. This study, conducted in collaboration with Ellis Monk, was designed to correct for the poor results faced by individuals of different skin colors in artificial intelligence-based applications. Thanks to the new feature, which has been expanded to recognize different skin tones of each tone, many health applications of facial recognition technologies will be able to distinguish skin tones and give more accurate results.

Google uses this catalog to display user images and photos in Google Photos and other software. to regulate the will make available.

Google Wallet is back!

Google Wallet, which was introduced when digital wallets first appeared but was later replaced by Google Pay. coming back† Just like Apple’s wallet application, beyond credit cards, identity, vaccination card wallet in which documents such as driver’s license and driver’s license are kept. will be available in the coming weeks announced. However, Turkey is not yet one of the countries where Google Wallet will come.

Google’s New Artificial Intelligence LaMDA 2: It Makes Sentences Like Real People

LaMDA 2, the most remarkable software that Google introduced at the event, can provide realistic and creative answers to users’ questions. for example Imagine In sentences formed with the sentence (imagine) creative and detailed descriptions artificial intelligence that can perform complex operations for you break it down into easy steps it guides you.

‘Ctrl+F’ the whole world with Google Lens

Incoming ‘Google Lens’near meThanks to the ‘ (near me) feature, when you type near me at the end of a product or location you are visually searching for, the system will automatically present that product to you. where to find the nearest one shows.

If you want to take a look at the other innovations and products at the event;

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