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Google has released the second beta of Android 13

Google announced the release of the second beta version of Android 13. Privacy protection has been optimized, Your material has been improved with more apps, a new section in security management settings, and the ability to change the interface language for individual apps.

Google has announced that many new features are already available in the second beta of Android 13, which can now be installed not only on Pixel smartphones, but also on devices from other manufacturers: ASUS, Lenovo, Nokia, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Sharp , Tecno , Vivo, Xiaomi and ZTE – details on the project page.

To protect user data in Android 13, working with the clipboard is limited: when one of the applications accesses it, the user displays a message. And after a while, the history of using the clipboard is completely erased, and programs are deprived of the ability to copy information.

The proprietary “Messages” application is also expected to replace support for the RCS standard, which is considered the successor to the legacy SMS and MMS protocols: end-to-end encryption will be supported in group chats – previously only available in personal correspondence.

A new “Security & Privacy” section will appear in the Settings program, containing all the security features: app protection, screen lock, Google security check, Find My Device settings, as well as comments and suggestions to improve security on the device.

Android 13 has optimized the performance of tablet computers: expanded multitasking and simplified screen sharing between applications – simply drag the application icon from the taskbar to the home screen; With a previously running application, it will be divided into two parts. In addition, when working with the stylus, if you accidentally touch the screen, the system will not mess with your fingers. Finally, third-party developers, including TikTok and Zoom, have started optimizing their products for tablet screens. Source

Source: Port Altele



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