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Telenet Wi-Free will disappear from November 1st


From November 1st, Telenet customers will no longer be able to connect to the WiFi hotspots. Telenet discontinued the service because it was costing more money than it was making.

Tweakers discovered the disappearance of Telenet Wi-Free by an (angry) customer in the provider’s forum. Telenet has also confirmed that Wi-Free will be discontinued on November 1st. Every mobile phone customer will be informed of this via their bill this month.

Telenet Wi-Free was a hotspot service that allowed you to connect on the go to a hotspot created using the modem of other Telenet customers in the area. The provider sees three reasons for discontinuing the hotspot service. According to Telenet, customers are now mostly using the service “unconsciously”. Current subscriptions include enough mobile data so you can use mobile internet almost anywhere in Belgium.

High maintenance costs

The Wi-Free service could therefore definitely be replaced by mobile Internet, according to the justification. Continuing to offer and maintain the service costs Telenet more money than it makes. As the need for on-site Wi-Fi decreases, the provider “can no longer justify the high maintenance costs.” Even the latest generations of modems no longer transmit WiFi signals.

From November 1st, Telenet customers will therefore be completely dependent on mobile internet to stay online while on the go. In this article, you can compare how many gigabytes of data are available to you in the provider’s (or another’s) business subscription formulas to find the best formula for you.

Source: IT Daily



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