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Panos Panay, the name behind Windows 10 and 11, has resigned from Microsoft

A major development has taken place regarding US-based technology giant Microsoft. For about 20 years Panos Panay, who worked at Microsoft and was perhaps the most important name that helped Microsoft become what it is today, left the company. The reason for this unexpected separation is precise Unknown. However, there are some notable claims on this topic. If these claims are true, it will be one of the main agenda items in the coming days. Amazon will be.

In particular, he made major contributions to Microsoft’s Windows operating system and Surface computers. Panos Panayannounced the divorce in a statement he made on X (formerly known as Twitter). Although Panay says he made such a decision to turn a new page in his life, he seems to be angry with the company. was not visible. According to Bloomberg, based on sources familiar with the subject, the place where Panay will turn a new leaf will be Amazon. Panos Panay reportedly owns Amazon Alexa and Echo will act as the responsible name of the products.

The parties remain silent

Panos Panay left Microsoft

After Panos Panay’s statement in X, Microsoft and Amazon were contacted. However, both companies are concerned about the issue. made no statement.

The X-message from Panos Panay was as follows:

After 19 incredible years at Microsoft, I’m turning the page next part I decided to write. For my time at Microsoft and the great people I had the honor of building products with. I am forever grateful.

Possibility of Amazon claims being true high. Because Dave Limp, the main person responsible for Amazon’s hardware, resigned from his position at the company last month. Of course, Amazon may have made Panay an offer it couldn’t refuse. All this in the coming days. will become clear.

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