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ChatGPT Rival Google Bard has received an update that will save users from major problems: it can connect to Google Services!

After the publication of ChatGPT, a race began between technology giants for productive artificial intelligence. Google was one of the companies trying to gain an edge over its competitors in this area. The technology giant launched the chatbot called Bard on March 21. Since then he has brought innovations to the model.

The company announced in a blog post published yesterday that it has updated its artificial intelligence model. The new update brought many innovations to Bard.

Bard can now connect to Google applications and services

Bard will no longer be limited to just the responses he receives via the Internet. According to Google, the chatbot can show you information from the Google services that we use every day with new extensions. Between these Docs, Gmail, Drive, Google Maps and YouTube There are popular services such as.

Let’s give a few examples of the bot’s new capabilities. The artificial intelligence model can provide directions for a trip you have planned and check flight and hotel information. Or, if you’re applying for a new job, it can find your resume from your Drive and even summarize that file. t allin an additional meeting will be possible to achieve.

We may suspect that sharing such private information may cause security issues for users. Google states that they will not use the information to train Bard and it will not be viewed by other people.

Bard extensions, for now only English It can be used in your language. There is no information on when it will be released in other languages.

You will be able to check Bard’s answers

The innovations coming to Bard are not limited to that. Technology giant Bard answers can be checked announced. The feature, which is also available in English, can be used with the ‘Google It’ button, which allows searching on Google.

This allows users to see whether the chatbot’s answers match the information obtained from Google search results. Verified parts vegetableif not confirmed Orange is shown in color. We know that artificial intelligence models are widely criticized for displaying incorrect information. Therefore, we can say that Bard’s new feature can be useful.

Many pre-existing features have come to other languages

Finally, Google has introduced many features that were previously only available in English. in 40 languages extensive. These include features like video responses, working with Lens, and adjusting the length and shortness of responses.

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