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The Nintendo Switch 2 aims to stay close to the potential ASUS ROG Ally

The power of the alleged Nintendo switch 2 It is a theme that has more than one expectation, despite the fact that it does not aim to be on the same level as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The latest thing doing the rounds is that the upcoming big N video game rig will have around 15% of the Xbox Series S’s performance in mode. dock (connected to power) and with DLSS while In portable mode, it would be close to what the ASUS ROG Ally offers.

A new Nintendo Switch 2 power rumor comes from the RedGamingTech YouTube channel. In addition, it also provided some technological data, such as that the console’s SoC will use a Ampere architecture with some elements from Lovelace. We remember that Ampere is the architecture implemented in the NVIDIA RTX 3000 graphics line, while Lovelace is the one used by the RTX 4000.

Other features it lists youtuber are that the processor will have eight Cortex-A78 cores, 12GB of 128-bit LPDDR5 RAM, the possibility of DLSS support, without a clear versionin addition to the storage, which can have 256 or 512 gigabytes, without excluding that there will eventually be two variants with different capacities in this sense.

A lot of what RedGamingTech reported more or less matches what has been specified in other rumors and leaks, but without anything being officially confirmed by Nintendo, so any information released should be taken with the utmost caution until there is an official announcement. because It would not be the first time that the presentation of the product denies a significant part of the rumors and leaks that exist around it.


That the Nintendo Switch 2 maxes out at 15 or 20 percent of the Xbox Series S shouldn’t come as a surprise, as all indications are that it will retain the original console’s profile, making it highly unlikely that it could compete in terms of performance. with what the ninth generation of desktop consoles has to offer. However, the future Great N hybrid could have better ray tracing technology, although it remains to be seen if the performance will allow it to even match what its rivals offer on this front.

That it will stay close to the ASUS ROG Ally in portable mode, if this information is true, that would be something very positive for the Nintendo Switch 2, so much so that it would confirm that it has enough ground to receive ports of triple A games released for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, of course with appropriate cuts. On the other hand, the use of ARM architecture and DLSS could help the next Big N console offer more autonomy than the ASUS device.

In short, the most important detail of what RedGamingTech reported is that the alleged Nintendo Switch 2 may be close in terms of performance to what the ASUS ROG Ally offers, a comparison that is somewhat fairer on paper, as both devices have practically the same profile, although one it is ARM based and is a closed platform and the other is x86 (AMD Ryzen) and is basically nothing more than a small standard PC so it is able to run other operating systems besides Windows.

Putting the Nintendo Switch 2 head-on with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series in terms of graphics engines and DLSS, which continues to be the best resizing technology on the market today.

Another unconfirmed aspect is backwards compatibility.. Although all indications are that the future console will retain the same basic architecture as the Nintendo Switch that currently exists, it is no less true that the Japanese video game giant has not been very given to have favorable policies for consumers. However, not including backwards compatibility at this point would leave the Switch 2 at a disadvantage against not only the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, but also the Steam Deck, ASUS ROG Ally and devices with a similar profile.

As we said before, everything published so far has no official support, so it is better to take all information with a grain of salt, but to see that the Nintendo Switch 2 can stay at a performance level close to the ASUS ROG Ally is another comparison. Realistic and gives a better idea of ​​what games it could support.

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