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The bodies of Mexican “1000-year-old aliens” were examined in the laboratory, but there were even more questions


The samples allegedly found in Cusco, Peru, in 2017 were the subject of intense debate in the scientific community. “Ufologist” Jaime Maussan claimed under oath that 30 percent of the genetic makeup of these bodies was “unknown.” However, there was no shortage of doubt: scientists, including the well-known physicist and TV presenter Professor Brian Cox, questioned their authenticity, arguing that they looked too humanoid to be of extraterrestrial origin.

What did the tests show?

The latest results from Mexican researchers, including extensive computed tomography, have shed some light on these mysterious creatures. According to Jose Zalce Benitez, head of the Health Sciences Research Institute, the tests clearly showed that: The samples belonged to the same skeletonand there was no evidence that the skulls had been manipulated or assembled in any way.

Benitez emphasized that, according to the analysis, the “aliens” were not assembled from other human or animal bones, at least according to current findings. This finding is important because it shows that: samples have not been artificially created or altered.

Also, one of the intriguing discoveries made during the tests was the existence of what Benitez described as a “sample.” “she was alive, she was intact, she was biological, and she was pregnant.”. He mentioned that large swellings, believed to be some kind of egg, were observed in the stomach of one of the corpses. Benitez had previously claimed that “These bodies have nothing to do with people.”

So what kind of creatures are these?

The samples bear a striking resemblance to humans in their physical features, including a head, two eyes, two arms and two legs. However, they also have distinctive features described as more “typical birds”, such as a retracted neck and unusually large head. Their hands are characterized by the presence of only three fingers, a noticeable difference from human anatomy.

Jaime Maussant, who presented these examples to Congress, consistently argued that they were not part of Earth’s evolution. He repeated that they were not found after the UFO crash, but were discovered in diatom mines and later fossilized.

  • The research team also claims that careful examination of the fossils reveals their existence. light, hard bones and no teeth.
  • X-rays of the samples were presented to members of the Mexican Congress, which revealed the presence of what was described as: “egg” and implantIt consists of rare metals including osmium and cadmium.

Investigation of mysterious ruins: watch the video

Despite these intriguing findings, the scientific community remains skeptical of Mossan’s claims, especially given its history with such claims.

In 2015, he claimed that extraterrestrial life had been discovered in mummified bodies found at the Nazca Lines in Peru; This claim was later disproven when it was determined that the remains belonged to a human baby.

The debate over the origin and authenticity of these enigmatic samples is likely to continue as further research and analysis is carried out. In the coming months, scientists and experts from various fields are expected to examine the results in order to confirm or refute the extraordinary claims about these aliens.

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