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Elesky and hate on the internet

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Beginner mistakes that will ruin your internet connection

If you want to have a good internet connection It is not enough to conclude a contract for a broadband service, You must also have the appropriate hardware, have the appropriate configuration, and use the mentioned connection correctly. If any of these keys fail, it is very likely that you will encounter problems that could end up ruining your user experience.

Finally, there are many things that can negatively affect your internet connection, but luckily The most common ones are the most basic, obvious and easy to solve. In this article, we’ll share with you a number of common errors that can have a bigger impact on your connection, and tell you what you need to do to avoid and/or fix them.

Before we start, I want to remind you of an important thing, that whenever we have problems with the Internet connection, it is possible that these come from our supplier, therefore, we should highlight this first so that we don’t waste time looking for a solution to a problem that is not our responsibility. Let’s get started.

1.-Incorrect placement of the router affects your internet connection

Specifically, to those connections that are made via Wi-Fi, from the location of the router will determine the overall signal range and the obstacles they encounter along the way will also have a significant impact. Placing the router far from the areas we want to reach, or in places where the signal will have to overcome many walls and other obstacles, can end up creating a lot of dead zones. Dead zones are those where Wi-Fi cannot reach.

To avoid this problem, always search slightly elevated areas free of obstacles and sources of interference place the router and remember that it should be placed in the center to optimally and evenly cover the rooms where you want the Wi-Fi to reach.

2.-Use a weak password

Internet connection

This is a very common failure that is actually given little importance because we believe we will never be a target from someone interested in stealing our Wi-Fi connection. It’s a mistake I made myself many years ago and ended up suffering the unpleasant consequences of having an intruder steal my bandwidth on my network.

Having a weak password equals leave the door open for potential intruders, which can sneak into your Wi-Fi network and leave you without bandwidth. If this happens, you will be unable to do practically anything, you will notice that your internet connection is very slow and the user experience will be terrible. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this, as you only need to enter your router’s settings (enter in your browser) and change the password. This will also repel any intruders.

3.-Abusing your internet connection or your router

Internet connection

It’s a broad concept that’s perfect for wrapping up an article because it contains several flaws that are common to the idea of ​​abusing an internet connection, and at the same time They are very simple and easy to solve. I know that our most advanced readers will already have these quite clear, but for those with a more basic profile, they will be very useful.

  • Many open downloads or applications in the background consume bandwidth. The solution is simple, close them.
  • Many devices connected at the same time. This is something that happens very often, especially when we have visitors. By reducing the number of simultaneous connections, you free up resources and improve the performance of your Internet connection.
  • You are using an old Wi-Fi standard or inappropriate cabling or Ethernet port. For example, if we connect to the 2.4 GHz band as part of Wi-Fi 4, or if we use a wired connection limited to 100 Mbps, we will not make optimal use of our broadband Internet connection. The use of Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 6 standards and a Gigabit Ethernet port will solve this problem.
  • Forgetting to update, which is also very common, can lead to serious problems, especially in cases where we miss important updates for security reasons or because they fix serious bugs and errors.

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Elesky and hate on the internet

I think it's appropriate to start this news by...

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