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The world is collapsing and approaching the point of no return: Pope Francis

Pope Francis stated that “The world that greets us is falling apart and may be approaching a point from which there is no turning back.” and harshly criticized policies failing to confront the environmental crisis due to power and economic interests in his new apostolic exhortation published today.

This is a new work by the Pope, entitled “Laudate Deum” and addressed to “all people of good will regarding the climate crisis” It is a continuation of his so-called “green encyclical” “Laudato si'”, published eight years ago, at a time when “there were not enough reactions.”

The Pope reiterates that, aside from the possibility that there is no turning back, “there is no doubt that the impact of climate change “This will cause increasing harm to the lives and families of many people.”

“We will feel its consequences in the areas health, sources of work, access to resources, housing, forced migration, etc.he adds, and for this reason he once again appeals to political leaders.

Climate change cannot be denied

The Pope attacks those who intend “Deny, cover up, cover up, or relativize the signs of climate change.” Well, “they are here, and they are becoming more obvious.”

“No one can ignore the fact that in recent years we have witnessed extreme events, frequent periods of unusual heat, drought and other complaints of the earth which are just some of the tangible manifestations of the silent disease that affects us all,” he adds.

And he regrets those who “to make fun of those who talk about global warming, refer to the fact that extremely low temperatures also often occur. It is forgotten that this and other unusual symptoms are nothing more than different alternative manifestations of the same cause: the global imbalance caused by global warming.”

He also rejects the notion that “by reducing the use of fossil fuels and developing cleaner forms of energy, “This will lead to job losses.” and assures that “a well-managed transition to renewable energy, as well as all efforts to adapt to the damage of climate change, can create countless jobs in various sectors.”

The Pope strongly affirms man’s responsibility for these global climate phenomena, because “The vast majority of climate scientists support this correlation.” and only a tiny percentage of them try to deny this evidence.”

He also regrets “that the climate crisis This is not exactly an issue that interests great economic powers. cares about the highest possible profit at the lowest cost and in the shortest possible time.”

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And he explains that he is forced to make all these clarifications included in the exhortation, which may seem obvious, “due to certain derogatory and irrational opinions that I find even in the Catholic Church.”

Failure of international politics

Francis reviews the failures of recent environment summits with “agreements that had a low level of implementation because adequate mechanisms for monitoring, periodic review and sanctions for non-compliance have not been put in place.”

And he emphasizes that the problem is that “International negotiations cannot make significant progress the positions of countries that put their national interests above the global common good.”

“Let’s end once and for all the irresponsible bullying that present this topic as something exclusively ecological, “green”, romanticoften derided by economic interests,” he notes.

As for the next COP28, he calls for this. “is historic, and it honors and ennobles us as people” and to do this, he requires that these summits have three characteristics: “that they be effective, binding and easily monitored.”

“Only through this process will it be possible to restore confidence in international politics. because only in this concrete way will it be possible to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions and avoid the worst evil in time.”

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And he starts the call: “I hope they show the nobility of politics, not the shame of it. To the mighty I dare to repeat this question: why do we want to retain a government today that will be remembered for its failure to intervene when it was urgent and necessary?

And in the face of groups who demonstrate and protest during climate conferences and who are criticized as “radical”, the Pope defends them. because “in fact, they close the void in the whole society, it should put a healthy amount of pressure” because “every family should think that their children’s future is at stake.”

Francisco notes that although “The most effective solutions come not only from individual efforts, but but above all, “big decisions in national and international politics” also “everything adds up” and “a change in the way of life and beliefs of society” is also necessary.

“When you consider that per capita emissions in the United States are about twice that of a person in China and nearly seven times the average for the poorest countries, we can say that large-scale change in irresponsible lifestyles associated with the Western model “This will have a significant long-term impact,” he concludes.


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