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Canva celebrated its tenth anniversary with us. During all this time, the company has achieved great success by offering a graphic design application. intuitive and easy to use. Therefore, by resorting to this, we no longer need to have advanced knowledge to create posters or visual pieces to be published on social networks.

But the world has changed.

Long gone are the days when Canva was a true innovation in the graphic design world dominated by professional applications such as Adobe Illustrator. Over the years, alternatives like Adobe Express have emerged, and we’ve found ourselves caught in the middle of a wave of productive AI applications. Canva responded.

Canva is doubling down on its commitment to AI

It’s no secret that Canva is being updated, but it’s also no secret that users have more and more alternatives. create graphic parts. Frankly, the company does not want to stay out of the artificial intelligence (AI) trend. It committed to Stable Diffusion AI last year, and now it’s Magic Studio’s turn.

We are faced with a set of artificial intelligence tools that will coexist in the Canva application. The company insists on calling its solution an “all-in-one” system. Thus, we will find classic tools as well as new tools guided by generative algorithms to create a wide range of content.

Magic Design

Generative AI in Magical Design

Each of these tools has its own name. See. One of the most interesting is Magic Multimedia. create visuals with text prompts, something similar to what we’ve seen before with DALL·E or Stable Diffusion. Runway, the company behind the latter, provided Canva with its generative technology.

We also have Magic Switch to convert designs into different formats. For example, a presentation in the executive summary or a blog post. Magic Design, on the other hand, uses textual indicators and its own resources to create videos. Brand Voice, on the other hand, allows you to produce pieces that “fit the tone of voice” of a brand.

Magic Key

The Magic Key in action

Additionally, the app also gets Magic Capture, Magic Effects, and Magic Expansion. The news about artificial intelligence does not end there. The app’s creativity app store, Canva Marketplace, will feature AI-powered design apps like DALL·E, Google Image, MurfAI, Soundraw, among others.

The Australian company did not forget to address the copyright issue. Let’s not forget this too AI models They are trained with copyrighted material, which could create legal challenges if regulations are updated. For example, the EU is starting to take a position.

In this case, Canva says it will launch a $200 million “creative compensation program.” This money will be used to pay creators over three years whose work is used to train AI models. Likewise, they promise that creators can choose not to participate in the training.

Images: Canva

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