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Protection in the clouds: How companies can protect their data even better in the cloud

As cyber threats become more complex, protecting corporate data in the cloud has become an increasing challenge. Many companies already have a number of essential security measures in place, but these are not always enough. More and more companies are therefore opting for a more advanced solution called Extended Detection and Response (XDR).

Almost every company that stores corporate data in the cloud already takes one or more of the following security measures:

  1. Strong authentication: The implementation of multi-factor authentication that requires users to verify factors other than a password, such as a fingerprint or a one-time password sent to their mobile device.
  2. Encryption: Encrypting data to ensure that, even if intercepted, it is unreadable by unauthorized parties. Encryption is used both when transferring data to and from the cloud and when storing it in the cloud itself.
  3. Strict access controls: Apply strict access controls to ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive data. This includes restricting user rights, implementing role-based access control, and monitoring user activity.
  4. Regular security audits: Regular audits and security scans to identify and remediate potential vulnerabilities are required. Only through regular inspections can companies respond proactively to security breaches and keep their security up to date.

Despite the security measures mentioned above, 100% security is still impossible. That’s why organizations are increasingly looking for a more comprehensive security solution to help them detect and respond to threats in real time: Extended Detection and Response (XDR). XDR uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify and analyze threats both within the cloud environment and other parts of the network. This makes it seem like a sensible addition to any organization’s cloud security.

XDR consolidates data and security information from multiple sources, such as endpoints, network traffic and cloud infrastructure, and uses advanced analytics to detect threats that might otherwise go unnoticed. By providing an end-to-end view of an organization’s security posture, XDR enables organizations to respond faster to threats and minimize their impact.

Conclusion: As companies increasingly rely on cloud services, established cloud security measures remain essential. But beyond that, XDR is becoming more and more important. By combining traditional security measures with proactive detection and response via XDR, organizations can more effectively protect their data in the cloud. Have you just completed a cloud migration or are you planning to do so? Then (Managed) XDR is also a good solution that can be implemented right from the start.

This is a post by Willem Magerman, CTO and security specialist at Dilaco. If you have any questions about cybersecurity, you can contact him using this link. For more information about MXDR, see this article: Strengthen your cloud migration security posture with MXDR.

Source: IT Daily


Elesky and hate on the internet

I think it's appropriate to start this news by...

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