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YouTube will allow creators to get hosting while streaming live shopping

YouTube adds new feature for content creators (Photo: Club WordPress)
YouTube adds new feature for content creators (Photo: Club WordPress)

Youtube Allow your content creators to distribute and sell products during a joint live stream Two channels to create a single stream of direct purchases.

In July 2021, Google’s proprietary streaming content platform began piloting a feature that allows viewers to purchase products directly from live streaming videos.

The platform has announced that by the end of this year it will expand its online shopping options while broadcasting.s, allows direct collaboration with two different channels, as described in detail in his blog.

In this way it is expected to unite the audience of two different content creators, Make “significant connections” between them and facilitate product discovery and purchasing options.

In addition, the site will implement a new feature that can direct the creators of this content or their live show viewers to one of the brand channels with which it collaborates and encourages purchases.

We must remember that YouTube has already improved its joint broadcasting last February, a feature that it intends to use to make live broadcasts more interactive for its audience.

Super thank you, another way to monetize content

Super thanks to YouTube.  (Photo: Five days)
Super thanks to YouTube. (Photo: Five days)

Another initiative taken by the company to promote the economic growth of the creators is the function Super thanks, Available from last year. This tool, like Super Chat and Super Stickers, allows creators to make money and, at the same time, make connections with users.

Super Thanks is now available to all Authorized Developers of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) anywhere in the 68 from where this feature works.

How it works Super Thanks

Super thanks to YouTube, another way to monetize content
Super thanks to YouTube, another way to monetize content

Fans who watch YouTube videos can buy it Super thanks $ 2 to $ 50 (or equivalent in local currency) of various denominations to show their appreciation and support for their creators.

YouTubers will see the GIF live on the channel video, along with a comment highlighting their purchase. Users can customize their super thanks for the comment.

Developers can get super thank you for joining YouTube Studio for a new revenue stream.

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