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Gmail spam has nothing to do with this new button


Newsletters can be helpful or basically spam. They usually include a link somewhere for us to unsubscribe; usually in small text that is almost impossible to read, but recently Gmail has learned to find them and makes it easier for us to unsubscribe with this option. unsubscribe, embedded in the menu. It will now be much more at your fingertips.

Gmail for Android borrows the idea from the Gmail website of making unsubscribing from a newsletter much easier. In fact, it will be even more visible thanks to Android a new button to appear at the top to cancel subscriptionscan be seen clearly.

Farewell releases

The newsletters we receive by mail may be very useful, moderately useful or outright spam, although they are almost always provided to you. a link to unsubscribe. If you find it, of course.

Gmail does the hard work of looking up this link for you and Make it easy to unsubscribe with one clickWhen you open an email that it detects as a newsletter and contains such a link, it will appear at the top.


Screenshots of TheSpAndroid

Newsletter unsubscribe functionality was already available in Gmail, the web, and Android, but it was much less readily available and buried among the growing number of options that appear in the ⋮ menu after opening a message. New app lets the button share the spotlight title where information is displayed from the sender.

So it will be possible clear our emails Although the button in question is not yet active for everyone, you do not need to search too much in the menus. However, if you have root, you can force this with Gappsmod using the signs mentioned in TheSpAndroid article.

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