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By default, Meta enhances Messenger with end-to-end encryption

The Meta Messenger messaging app will have end-to-end encryption by default. Measures to strengthen the security and privacy of communications, which they have already begun to implement, as announced by the social network.

To say that Messenger (formerly Facebook Chat) has had the option since 2016 to implement this type of encryption for users who activated it manually, but there is no doubt that the global implementation and by default is a leap in the level of what it entails – The content of messages and calls will be protected from the moment they leave the originating device until the moment they reach the recipients. This means that no one, including Metacan see what is sent or said unless you allow it.

Meta Messenger thus achieves a another layer of security to protect privacy in communications that – according to the company – were built on solid cryptographic principles operating under the protocol Signal Messaging Protocolwidely recognized as the most secure messaging protocol available and used by alternative messaging apps such as Signal.

The company promises to continue working “working closely with external experts, academics and governments to identify risks and create mitigations to ensure privacy and security go hand in hand”. And it’s important because the old Facebook didn’t excel at privacy, with high-profile scandals like the Cambridge Analytica one.

New features in Meta Messenger

In addition to end-to-end encryption, Meta has added other features to provide more control over the messaging environment, such as:

  • Edit message: You can now edit messages you’ve sent up to 15 minutes after they’ve been sent.

  • Reading Control: New read receipt controls that let you decide if you want others to see when you’ve read their messages.
  • Messages that disappear: You can now send messages that disappear after a certain amount of time, 24 hours, and with a new interface to make it easier to see when disappearing messages are activated.

  • Update photos and videos: Messenger improves the quality of shared photos and videos. A beta feature that is also being tested in HD photo and video statuses for WhatsApp.
  • Voice messages: easier to use voice messages. Voicemails can now be played at 1.5x or 2x speed and you can pick them up where you left off.

Source: Muy Computer



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