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Republicans block funding for Ukraine; Spain expels two American spies; and much more | The first pages of the world 07/12/2023

Here’s what stands out on the covers of international media this Thursday, December 7, 2023:


New York Times

Republicans blocked Ukraine funding bill and snubbed Biden

Agreement on Immigration. A sign of weakening support in the United States during a dangerous period of war

Washington Post

China’s space program worries US

Pentagon sees defense potential in Beijing’s growing global network of facilities


Country / Spain

Spain forces two American spies to leave the country for infiltrating the CNI

The Ministry of Defense and Foreign Affairs protested to the US Ambassador

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The Guardian/UK

Immigration minister quits over Rwanda bill

Former loyalist Jenrick could be plotting a right-wing uprising

Latin America

Clarin / Argentina

Kirchnerism creates obstacles and makes it difficult for Miley to work in the Senate

The Kawiso College, which will now not vote for an interim president

El Mercurio / Chile

Shock over five-year-old boy killed in shooting increases pressure on La Moneda over insecurity

Minor shot and killed during an armed attack at his grandparents’ home in Padre Hurtado

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Peruvian trade

JNJ removes Patricia Benavides from her position as the country’s prosecutor

The temporary measure will be in effect for six months.

Source: Aristegui Noticias



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