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Solar observatory Aditya-L1 sends first images of the Sun


Indian space agency ISRO shared the first images of the Sun taken by the Aditya-L1 space observatory. The photos were taken with an ultraviolet telescope using 11 filters and present our star in all its light. Never before has such comprehensive visual information been available in a single observation package, which will provide a more complete picture of the processes in the Sun and its atmosphere, ISRO said.

The Aditya-L1 solar observatory was launched into space on an Indian rocket from an Indian spaceport on September 2. For this country, the launch was another step in the development of the national space program. In August, India sent and landed a lunar rover that approached the south pole of Earth’s natural satellite for the first time, and launched an observatory to observe the sun half a month later.

The Aditya-L1 automatic station will reach its destination – the L1 Lagrange point, 1.5 million km from Earth – either in late December or early January next year. At point L1, the device will consume minimum fuel, as it is the gravitational balance zone of the Sun-Earth system. At the same time, nothing will interfere with the observatory’s constant observation of the Sun, because the Earth will lag behind.

The observatory carries seven scientific instruments. They are all being gradually included and tested in working order, as is the ultraviolet telescope SUIT (Solar Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope), which took 12 photographs of the Sun on November 20. The image package provides a simultaneous view of processes on the Sun’s surface (spots and structures) and in its atmosphere at different altitudes. Other instruments measure the star’s magnetic fields and formations, as well as charged particles (plasma and coronal mass ejections).

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