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The threads will arrive in Spain next Thursday


Practical Summer just started when Meta launched Threads, a new social network that can almost be said to be a clone of Twitter in terms of concept and design. The launch, which at the time was considered the most successful in the history of online services, reaching and surpassing 100 million users in just five days, a milestone that seems unlikely to be repeated, at least in the short and medium term ( difficult, not impossible).

Now, atSuccessful beginnings do not necessarily mean a success story. Through a series of circumstances, just a month after such a successful launch, its numbers were showing problems, with a 79% drop in active users. We’re talking almost eight out of ten people who left the service just a few weeks after its launch. And yes, some decline was predictable given the initial peak, but this wasn’t a decline, it was an absolute collapse.

As I said before, There are several reasons that can explain this debacle.from geo-restrictions to censoring certain types of content or having to link your Threads account to your Instagram account (remember, this service was born as an Instagram feature)… the list is long, but it seems Meta has been working to reduce its extension in recent months and as a result, recently it seems to have managed to reverse the downward trend.

When we informed you about that last point, we also announced that his debut here is near and we now have a date and time. As seen on their website, Threads premieres in Spain next Thursday, December 14 at 12pm noon (an hour later in the Canary Islands). And yes, of course, I am specifically mentioning our country, but in the context of the European Union, an area from which it has not been possible to fully use this social network until now.

When I say it wasn’t possible to take full advantage of it, it’s because it was actually possible to access Threads months ago from Spain, but only to view third party posts. What has been blocked so far (and until next Thursday) is the possibility of creating an account, posting messages… in short, any active use of the social network. The registration process requires the use of the Threads app for Android or iOS, so we understand that either it will be available on the day and time, or that Meta will activate the ability to manage the entire registration process. register directly from its web interface.

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