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There is a new “Virtual Card Number” function in iOS 17.4

iOS 17.4, which is currently available to beta testers, includes important changes for Apple Cash users. Apple Cash users will now be able to set up a virtual card number that can be used for purchases when Apple Pay is not online.

Apple Cash is a prepaid Apple debit card with no card number that users were previously only able to use with Apple Pay. Money on the Apple Cash card can also be sent to friends and relatives, transferred to a bank, or transferred to the Apple Card balance.

In iOS 17.4, Apple is giving Apple Cash customers a new way to spend their balance even when Apple Pay isn’t available. A new pop-up message in the Wallet app says:

Setting the virtual card number. Keep your card data safe with a new security code for every transaction. Easily access this card number from Safari and use it to make online purchases when Apple Pay isn’t available.

Once you decide to set up your virtual Apple Cash card number, you can view it, create new card numbers and security codes, and more. This is essentially the same functionality that has been available for the Apple Card since its launch, but now also applies to the Apple Cash debit card. iOS 17.4 is expected to be available to all users in early March.

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