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Last week, Google officially announced one of the most significant changes regarding AI technologies: Bard has ceased to exist, leaving aside Gemini. In a somewhat confusing launch that wasn’t originally planned for Europe, the Gemini app has arrived on Android. It is not yet available on the Google Play Store, but we can safely download its APK and replace Google Assistant with Gemini.

I will tell you How to install Gemini on an Android mobile phone?Here’s how you can replace Google Assistant with this new artificial intelligence and some of the functions that this new assistant provides us.

First step: Install Gemini on your Android mobile

Gemini will be available on the European Play Store at some point. We are currently unable to officially download the file from Spain. Nevertheless, APK file already available on APKMirrorYou can download it safely.

In my particular case, I tested Gemini on a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in version 1.0.605683889. The minimum version to use this assistant is Android 12, so you don’t need the latest phone to enjoy it.

The installation process is very simple, just follow these steps:

  • Download Gemini app as APK from APKMirror.
  • Enable unknown sources option to install.
  • Open APK file notification to install. If for some reason you miss the notification, the APK will be available in the “Downloads” folder in your phone’s file explorer.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Google app, otherwise Gemini will not work.
  • Open the app and it will be available in your apps list like any other.

Using Gemini in its free version

Img 2862 Large Size

For this article, I wanted to test Gemini as it comes by default on your device. free version. Although Google offers a two-month trial for its Advanced subscription (which gives access to the Ultra, the most advanced Gemini model), many users may not be willing to pay to use an AI on their phone just yet.

When we open Gemini for the first time, the first thing we will see are some of its suggestions. It will let us know It could replace Google Assistantas well as some stellar functions: writing emails, creating posts for social networks, creating images, etc. It will also give us the option to create a shortcut and when we make a diagonal gesture to call up Google Assistant, it will invite us to become our new default assistant.


Gemini can be used directly from the desktop or by opening its application.

There are two options at the interface level. The first is what we see with the cross call, and the second, which is much more complete, is what we see when opening the application. Here we find the first difference with Google Assistant. Tapping on the Google Assistant app does nothing more than calling it, here we are opening an app with its own interface.

When opening the simplest interface, Gemini offers us three options: write, talk to them or add a photo. In the case of Google Assistant, we can perform the first two options, but it does not have the ability to analyze photos.

So far we have only managed to get Gemini to talk to us by talking to her.

It is important to emphasize that in simple searches Gemini still doesn’t automatically talk to us when we invoke it manually, we need to click on the audio playback icon. It is a big disadvantage that the assistant “sings” to us today’s weather, what is on our agenda or any function for which we do not want to read the screen.

Again, There’s a little trick to get him to talk to us (thanks Pepu, fly): Invoke using “Ok Google”. In these first steps of Gemini, he seems to understand that If we call it with the voice, it must respond with the voice.. If we don’t do it this way, the reaction will be muted.


Certain searches, like time, lag behind Google Assistant (not technically, but in terms of phrasing).

This makes Gemini less useful and visual for some simple searches, as you can see in the image above. However, this trend is not always repeated.

There There is quite a bit of difference when interpreting specific calls. Gemini is an artificial intelligence model that uses information from Google to respond. The assistant is not afraid to offer us a direct call.

For example, if we ask “what can I eat today?”, Gemini will ask us what our preferences are, the cooking time, how much of an appetite we have, whether we want something light… In addition, he gives a few very complete suggestions. Google The assistant offers us a Google search where it literally searches for “what to eat today” and let the initial results do their work.

To call

Gemini’s search-level potential far exceeds Assistant.

Gemini is also much more thorough in identifying specific calls. In this case, if we ask a figure like Bill Gates, this artificial intelligence offers us a complete summary of his career. The Assistant is much more concise, although it offers images and links.

Gemini is the deepest evolution of Google Assistant, but it doesn’t surpass it in everything

In this free version, I have mixed feelings about twins. Their answers are more complete in the ChatGPT style, but that’s not what we (always) look for in an everyday assistant. And herein lies the best summary between Gemini and Google Assistant: do you want long and detailed answers, or do you want short and clear answers?

If you ask the Assistant about the weather, it will tell you that there is a certain temperature in your city and the sky is expected to look a certain way. If you ask Gemini, they will give you a lot of information. speech You can have information about temperature at every moment of the day, how the wind blows, UV index, humidity, dew point and atmospheric pressure.


If you ask the Assistant what you can do this weekend, it will present you with a simple Google events calendar. If you ask a Gemini, they will practically offer you an article with recommendations, photos, plans personalized to your tastes, links… Plus, you will always have the advantage.Search can be tailored to our most personal preferencesbecause it is a much more talkative artificial intelligence.

Another key in Google Assistant’s favor is reaction speed. Today Gemini is much slower than that and is below ChatGPT in terms of agility. Quick response is very important in a mobile assistant.

In short, Gemini is much stronger and more capable than Assistant, but I have some doubts about whether I need so much information on a daily basis when using the voice assistant. As a supporting AI like ChatGPT, I have no doubt that there are no colors.

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