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Did Apple adopt the design language it uses in its products from Braun?

Apple products to design, Although it is appreciated by many users, a large audience dislikes the use of some product features in the Apple ecosystem. stolen claims that Apple is from its arch-enemy Samsung He even claims to have copied some features exactly.

Although this situation is called copying, inspiration or plagiarism, this discussion has a secret name: Braun.

Apple is said to use Braun’s designs in many of its products.

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Apple’s legendary designer Jony Ive, used in products design language It offers it to consumers in a very effective way. Minimal, intuitive and stylish designs, The first elements that stand out in Apple’s products. Of course, we can never deny the impact of effectively marketing products.

Many industries have done this throughout history inspired by each other and continues to do so. Fashion, technology, We can clearly see the element of inspiration in many areas such as art and literature.

Simply put: Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet While writing he was inspired by many writers. Or in the fashion industry many new fashion trends, can follow in the footsteps of old trends. Considering this situation, consumer electronics companies inspired by each other It becomes inevitable. But even though this situation seems simple and innocent, notice show their claws to each other It causes.

A relationship that evolves from friendship to hostility: Samsung and Apple

apple, braun, samsung

If you remember, years ago Apple and Samsung A lawsuit started that sparked competition between the companies, and the fuse of this case was lit in 2011. Apple, Samsung patent infringement He filed a lawsuit against the company claiming he did this.

But Samsung is in the middle of it Claiming that there is no violation He rejected Apple’s offer to pay $40 per tablet and $30 per phone. This is where things started to get heated.

In the case closed in 2018, two technology companies reached a compromise. However, the terms of the agreement not known.

What does this case have to do with Braun? Let’s explain right away:

We mentioned that companies can take inspiration from certain characteristics of their competitors. However, things started to take longer than expected between Apple and Samsung. Because Apple claimed that Samsung stole several features from it, and this It was not an innocent act of inspiration.

While this is the case, the eyes imitate each other It started shifting to corporations. Features used by Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo and many other companies in their productsat competing companies It turns out it also exists, but with make-up on.

Although Apple is the pioneer of many trends in the technology world, its products are similar to the products of the Braun brand A few notable details there is. These details are below:

Braun LE1 speaker (1959) and Apple iMac (2009)

brown apple

Braun company, based in Germany, in 1921 began producing various products to make consumers’ lives easier. The company produces speakers, shavers, epilators and many other consumer electronics. It affected Apple.

Works in the design department of the company Dieter Rams, about 50 years ago “Less is more.” With the slogan (less is more), it followed a different path than its competitors in the sector. He managed to impress them with this path he followed. Of course, between the Braun speaker you see above and the iMac computer that Apple introduced in 2009. There is a great similarity.

Braun T1000 radio (1962) and Apple Power Mac G5 (2003)

Braun radio, Apple computer, design

The radio that Braun introduced to consumers in 1962 is the most powerful radio a radio can have. to the most basic functions owner. However, it is quite good depending on the year it was produced. minimal and stylish This radio appears to have been made by Dieter Rams.

However, Dieter Rams left Apple in a big way years later. not knowing that this will have consequences He remained somehow responsible for the product design processes.

Braun T3 pocket radio (1963) and Apple iPod (2001)

braun, radio, ipod, apple, similarity

Jony Ives, who works in Apple’s design department, clearly Based on Braun products Developed a design language. Just before the introduction of Braun radio After 38 years Ives used similar language on the iPod, which was introduced in 2001 and had mechanical keys.

in between to find seven differences Give yourself the time you need and after finding the differences, let’s look at the following similarity.

Braun infrared transmitter (1974) and Apple iSight camera (2003)

In the image we used at the beginning of our content, Braun’s mechanical calculator is on the left and the first iPhone is on the right. What Apple uses in its calculator round icons It is no longer seen as an association but as pure copying. It caught your attention too, didn’t it?

E Apple and Samsung have been working on the patent case for many years Why haven’t Braun and Apple been sued? The reason is quite interesting.

Jony Ive had intense admiration for Dieter Rams.

Dieter Rammen, Jony Ive, Apple, Braun

In the technology sector rivalry and secret hostilities We knew it existed, but we wanted to admire it and… Make it clear, It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it seems a bit strange to us. Because Jony Ive Great admiration for Dieter Rams and he clearly expressed his respect for him and not only that, but as you can see above He also made this clear in his designs.

Dieter Rams was not indifferent to this situation and gave an interview to The Telegraph newspaper in 2011. In this interview, Rams shares the words and admiration of Jony Ive took it as a compliment and expressed his appreciation for her achievements. I also work for Apple, It was a great gesture for the Rams. Watch the full interview from here you can achieve.

Braun even added a statement about this on his official website.

Braun, Dieter Rammen, Apple, Jony Ive

If we look at the page that Braun has set up about its designers on the official website, Apple’s iPod winks at us. While the gestures they make to each other like two lovers do not stop, the words of Samsung and Apple come to mind. Relationship evolves from friendship to hostility It’s coming.

Although in sectors competitive relationships although, like this Presence of striking and sweet movements It’s not that it doesn’t make people happy. What do you think of this situation between Apple and Braun?

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