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F-Droid now supports automatic updates in the background


Although it is not as well known as other options in this sense, F-Droid is undoubtedly one of the most interesting app stores in the entire Android ecosystem. And so, and as it happens in these cases, most Android users do not know this repository, but those who do, evaluate it particularly positively, and of course there is no shortage of reasons, both for its proper functioning and, for example, just like the philosophy, which controls it.

Unlike other repositories, some of which are extremely popular, in F-Droid we will not find pirated versions of paid applications on Google Play, and basically we will not find official versions of the mentioned commercial applications either. Because? Because We are talking about a store where nothing is sold, all you find there is free software and open source (FOSS, Free Open Source Software). Therefore, it makes more sense to define it as a repository rather than a store.

If you’re an Android user and you’re one of those people who haven’t tried F-Droid yet, I highly recommend the complete tutorial published by my colleague Juan. In it you will find the premise I share and that’s it This repository can be an alternative or add-on to Google Play, depending on both your needs and your preferences – ideological positioning about software. Be that as it may (in my case as an addition to the official Google store), trying them out is more than recommended.

The level of technical processing of the repository is more than remarkable, and those responsible are not only concerned with keeping it in the best condition, but also adding new features from time to time. And that’s exactly what this news is about, and as we can read on her official blog, F-Droid now allows automatic and background updates for apps we installed with its software. This feature is available as of version 1.19.0 of the repository client.

So that I can use it, yes It is essential that we have Android 12 or higher, because F-Droid uses a feature that debuted in just this version of Android. And yes, those responsible for them also warn that some old applications cannot be updated in this way, and in such cases a banner will appear on their corresponding page with the reasons why we cannot use automatic update. you can update them manually as you have done so far.

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