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What does Tomb Raider I-III Remastered look like?

A few months ago we had news, sensational news in my opinion Tomb Raider I-III Remastered, a remastering project signed by Aspyr and Crystal Dynamics which aims to graphically bring the first three titles of one of the most iconic sagas in the history of video games to the present day. A project that, as we told you at the time, already had a release date of next Wednesday, February 14, the most appropriate choice if we consider the feelings that these titles evoke in many people.

This movement undoubtedly fits into a much wider trend, which can be summed up by mentioning how well it monetizes nostalgia. However, in this case, and because of what I mentioned earlier, I think it’s fair to break the spear in his favor, and we’re talking about a saga that left many of us speechless in its early days (remember, it was a precursor to the arrival of 32-bit 3D on PC) and also did it with the mythical character Lara Croft and v a design that was really challenging, exciting and fun and worth trying.

We have proof of this, for example, that just a month before the announcement of Tomb Raider I-III Remastered, we voiced the project of a modder who showed us what the first Tomb Raider would look like using path tracking. And yes, even without the texture swap, the change was spectacular and made me want to play it again. So there was undoubtedly a real demand (perhaps not very big, but real) after the leap to the present of the classics.

Now, just two days before it goes on sale (although remember it’s on pre-sale on Steam, with a 20% discount), and with the ever-bitter doubt of whether to pre-purchase or not, IGN has published video in which we can see the graphic aspect of Tomb Raider I-III Remastered along with the image of the originals. Almost nine minutes in which we find both split-screen scenes, with the classic and remastered versions, as well as sequences in which the new titles are shown in motion.

Remastering a classic is not an easy task, and I’m not saying this so much because of the technical side, but because of the difficult balance between updating the graphic design and preserving the essence of the original, which is something that nostalgics are always looking for. Considering these pictures, however, pLooks like we have some great work ahead of us, to the extent that the video was flooded with comments from people wishing for something similar for other classics. So both for those of us who were lucky enough to enjoy it at the time, and for those who didn’t (whether due to age, opportunity or whatever), in less than 48 hours we’ll be able to restore it and play these three classics again.

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