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Kingston introduces the portable USB, DataTraveler SE9 Gen 3


The DataTraveler SE9 Gen 3 is Kingston’s new USB drive, and with its compact size and peripheral port versatility, it looks ideal for storing, transferring and sharing data and files anywhere.

External storage drives continue to be essential in global computer systems. And not only for data storagewhich also, if not used as operating system installation media, as maintenance and troubleshooting media, or as rescue antivirus to find and kill malware.

Particularly attractive are what we know as pen drives. Units of minimum size with maximum portability that allow them to be carried anywhere in a pocket, backpack or key ring, and with a huge compatibility of use that allows the USB port present in hundreds of millions of computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc.

The new Kingston DataTraveler SE9 Gen 3 is a good example of this type of drive. It has a metal case for more durability and a better visual appearance, with a minimum size (39 mm x 12.2 mm x 4.6 mm) and weight only 5 grams include it on your key chain and use it anywhere.

Its external interface is USB Type-A for greater compatibility, although any cable can be used to connect to Type-C. Internally, it uses USB 3.2 to achieve data transfers 220 MB per second in read mode and 100 Mbytes per second in writes. Sufficient power for this type of unit.

Kingston sells it in different storage capacities to suit different needs, 64, 128, 256 and 512 GB. The cost of these units is usually very low and the manufacturer responds with affordable prices that everyone can pay, from 10 to 30 euros. They have a 5-year warranty and can run on Windows, Linux or macOS computers. Very, very useful for data storage and also for use as a means of installing, maintaining or rescuing software.

Source: Muy Computer



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