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Xiaomi is exhibiting its first electric car at MWC


Xiaomi’s first electric car is on display at the Barcelona show, confirming that MWC is a trade fair for mobility (and not mobile phones), including everything related to transport and vertical industries. As we saw at its launch in China, it looks really good as a high-performance sedan that will compete with the Tesla Model S and other high-end electric cars.

Xiaomi has become a global company that sells all types of products. After yesterday’s presentation of the new mobile phones of the 14 series, the engine revved even for this Xiaomi SU7. After seeing it live in its first physical form, we confirm that the aesthetics are “inspired” by the sporty lines of the Aston Martin DB9 or the electric Porsche Taycan. Elegant and sportyit looks incredible in that sky blue color you see in the pictures.

The first electric car from Xiaomi boasts autonomy

The main specifications are confirmed from what we already knew. And they are spectacular. In addition, some figures such as autonomy rose to record numbers. Xiaomi says that the platform on which the SU7 is built will be able to accommodate a 150 kWh battery, which would allow us unprecedented autonomy for electric cars of up to 1126 km.

It will be in the future as the first launch will be milder, up to 800 kilometers (497 miles). In any case, higher than other reference cars in the electric segment, such as the Mercedes EQS (447 miles), the Tesla Model S (444 miles) or the Porsche Taycan Turbo (327 miles).

Another spectacular fact is that its 800 V HyperCharge system can recharge the battery 220 kilometers just plugging in for five minutes, while 15 minutes of charging ensures a range of an incredible 500 kilometers. In terms of performance, it can reach maximum speed 265 km/h and pass from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.78 secondsboth brands better than Porsche and Tesla.

There are various radars and LIDAR system sensors on the outside of the car that make it possible autonomous driving, while the cabin features a 16-inch infotainment screen, a driver’s head-up display and a 7.1-inch “rotating dashboard”. The software will run on the same Hyper OS that powers the brand’s phones and tablets and offer native access to its apps. It will also offer compatibility with Apple’s AirPlay and CarPlay services.

The price and availability of the first electric car from Xiaomi are not known. We know that SU7 (short for Speed​​​​​​Ultra), It will be sold in two variants. A standard single-motor rear-wheel drive model that promises a range of 668 kilometers and a top speed of 210 km/h, and a second variant called “Max” that will have a dual-motor configuration, all-wheel drive (AWD) and the aforementioned spectacular performance. Color variants were announced in black, green and the fancy blue that was brought to MWC. It will be another cheerleader for the electric car segment.

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