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Israeli missiles hit target in Iran: ABC News

Israeli missiles hit a facility in Iranreported ABC News...

US vetoes Palestinian accession to UN

This Thursday, the US Security Council vetoed a resolution...


During the strict lockdown of 2020, two things happened simultaneously. On the one hand, Microsoft stopped providing the minimal remaining service to Wunderlist, burying it. He relied on it to launch To Do after purchasing the app a few years ago and liquidating what was left of the original app.

On the other hand, Christian Reber, one of the founders of Wunderlist in 2011, announced that he will create a new application focused on task management.

Since that time I’m looking forward to it. I didn’t expect it to take four years for the first version to be released, and when they announced the arrival of Superlist 1.0 last month, I almost didn’t want to try it, even though I’m a productivity app fetishist.

But he convinced me.

Triptych, canvases, design

And he did it Although it comes with another shortcoming. It comes with web apps for macOS, iOS, and Android, but not Windows. Apple does not take advantage of some useful features for such an implementation on their systems; widgets. It also doesn’t have a calendar or kanban view, doesn’t allow for good tag management, and doesn’t include natural language.

But the approach is very good.

There are many ways to approach a task implementation. From a simple approach like Things, to a much more complex and advanced approach like Omnifocus, to a generalist and versatile approach without losing simplicity like Todoist.

Super List offers an interesting way to understand task management: although heroes are still tasks, Includes a canvas in any corner of the application. Task lists are a canvas because they allow you to add tasks as well as text, dividers, headings, bulleted lists, images, or attachments.

Image: Super list.

Image: Super list.

Within each task, another canvas opens where we can include subtasks or anything we mentioned above. And even those subtasks… yes, they can be another canvas. Maybe it’s very complicated, but let’s not forget that we do not have to use all the possibilities of a tool.

This level of complexity actually exists because Superlist can be used individually, but its potential is revealed when used as a team for collaborative projects. That’s when functions like being able to leave messages about specific tasks become meaningful.

Super list works in threes. Sidebar with our lists on the left. In the middle is the canvas for each of the lists. We see it on the right when we select the canvas for each task. It’s easier than it looks.

Super list, task management brochure.  Image: Super list.

Super list, task management brochure. Image: Super list.

The right panel shows a different photo for each list when we don’t select a task; we can customize it by choosing one of our file or by choosing one of the 17 photos it offers by default. Of course, one of these is the Berlin television tower, Wunderlist’s main image, winking at the city where both apps were born.

For those who want to use Superlist individually (like me), the section it has is more than enough: List groups, lists and tasks within each of them, which we can separate into headings and divide visually using dividers that show us how much they mean. This app takes care of the design part. These are freehand, colorful doodles rather than simple horizontal black lines.

Splitters Xpf1dp Webp

Some Super List dividers. A different one appears each time you add it. Image: Super list.

This is one of the key points of this application: Fall in love with its design and small details. In fact, their website already conveys a lot of the love for the visual part and yet managed to convince me between its triptych and canvas-shaped approach.

Coming back to its shortcomings: There is a section on the website where we can submit or vote on ideas for desired functionality. The company categorizes these as ideas it’s pitching, ideas it’s considering, ideas coming in the future, ideas currently in development, and ideas currently in development. testing. Hopefully it will take less time than they did to implement this app.

Your business model is a classic free: It offers the product for free and allows you to have more functions by paying a subscription of 10 euros per month. to be honest The free version is extremely generousand only those who will use it in a team with a professional nature and a lot of dedication to this tool will really need to check it out.

in Xataka | The 3-3-3 Method: How to organize your time to make you more productive at the best time of the day

Featured image | Super List, Mockuuups Studio, Xataka

Source: Xataka


Israeli missiles hit target in Iran: ABC News

Israeli missiles hit a facility in Iranreported ABC News...

US vetoes Palestinian accession to UN

This Thursday, the US Security Council vetoed a resolution...


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Israeli missiles hit target in Iran: ABC News

Israeli missiles hit a facility in Iranreported ABC News late Thursday, citing a U.S. official.Iran launched hundreds over the weekend drones and missiles in...

US vetoes Palestinian accession to UN

This Thursday, the US Security Council vetoed a resolution that opened the door to entry Palestine as a full member of the United Nations,...


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