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iOS 17.4 has already been released by Apple, and with this update, the iPhone of European citizens is now prepared for the arrival of third-party stores. Setapp has already confirmed that it will arrive in a few months and throughout this year We will see more companies entering this spaceThey advertise their own stores.

We’re answering questions about the technical details of these new iOS app stores as they finish developing their platforms.

What happens if I travel outside the European Union?

For a short while, nothing happens. If it takes too long, apps from alternative stores will no longer be updated and you won’t be able to download new ones.

Apple will know our location thanks to geolocation. Within the scope of the “extra time” offered by Apple, we can visit other countries outside the EU without any problems, as long as it is a trip; But if the deadline is exceeded (Apple does not give a specific deadline), we will lose the ability to update the applications we already have and will not be able to install new ones. Of course, we can continue to use what we have already established.

It’s very likely that in the future Apple will announce which time it finds excessive.

What if I have a problem with an alternative store?

There may be issues with the type of performance and quality achieved, or concerns about the security and content of the applications downloaded to it, or even the security of the payment methods used or privacy breaches suffered, as well as abuse, fraud or scams. …Apple will not be responsible for this and warns about it on its website.

The support, improvement or refund policies of alternative app stores may differ from those of the App Store, so it will be the responsibility of these stores to resolve any problems that may arise.

What is notarization?

It is the process by which Apple reviews all applications that reach third-party stores. This is a review focused on security and privacy and “protecting the integrity of the device.”

Apple does this by combining automated processes with human review to help ensure that the apps we download are free, even if they don’t come from the App Store. malware and do not expose users to fraud.

This doesn’t mean that external apps must follow the same content rules as the App Store’s; thus opening the door to practices it prohibits, such as pornography or cryptocurrency mining. Notarization only refers to the security and honesty of the app, not the content.

What happens if I delete the app from the store?

Apple gave a somewhat vague answer to this, as it will likely depend on each developer’s implementation. If we delete the Store from our iPhone, it leaves open the possibility that an app has stopped working.

What happens if a store stops operating?

It seems like a remote option, but if a store ceases its functions and becomes out of service, it may be possible that the applications we download from there will also stop, although this is not a certainty but a possibility. .

Can I switch from an app in one store to the same app in another store?

If this app is actually available on both, yes of course. Although, whether you can benefit from the content you purchased in the old one in the new one or whether you keep your information will depend on the good work of the developers.

Apple is once again leaving this possibility up in the air, a sign that it is possible but not something it can guarantee. It will be necessary to check whether a particular application allows this.

Otherwise, you may switch from one app to another but lose your information and any purchases you made.

Can I download an application from a website?

No you can’t. App downloads are from third-party stores only.

In which countries are alternative stores available?

In the 27th of the European Union: Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechia, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Greece, Spain, France, Croatia, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Finland and Sweden.

Also in the overseas territories and archipelagos of European nations:

  • Åland Islands (Finland)
  • French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, Reunion Islands, Saint Martin (France)
  • Azores and Madeira Island (Portugal)
  • Canary Islands Spain)

If you live in one of these regions, you will be able to access these stores. Moreover, if you go to them, you will not be limited to alternative stores, no matter how long your visit is.

Can I block the use of these stores?

Of course you have the option, this is part of the Time of Use configuration. By following the following route:

Settings → Screen Time → Content & Privacy Restrictions → App Installs and Purchases → App Markets

You can disable this option and make sure you don’t accidentally install an app outside the App Store.

When will the first stores arrive?

It’s a mystery, but it won’t happen right away. Setapp, which already has a store on macOS, confirmed that it will come to iOS as a beta in April. So at least a month after the arrival of iOS 17.4. This beta may last months until the final public and fully operational version of the store arrives. Epic also announced that Fortnite will return to iPhone.

Beyond that, we can expect some large companies with sufficient resources to open their own stores. Microsoft, Netflix, Electronic Arts, Meta… There are many possible candidates, and we will see who will dare to announce their own store in the coming months.

in Xataka | iOS 17.4 is here and comes with the ability to install apps from outside the App Store: this is how you can do it

Featured image | Markus Spiske, Mockuuups Studio, Xataka on Unsplash

Source: Xataka



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