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iOS 17.5 enables sideloading of apps from the Internet in the EU


Apple’s new iOS 17.5 software update enables sideloading outside of alternative app marketplaces.

The beta version of iOS 17.5, the successor to iOS 17.4, will, as promised, support installing apps directly from a developer’s website in the European Union. This allows users to download apps from developer websites that must comply with Apple’s notarization guidelines. The iOS 17.5 beta was released to developers on Tuesday, April 2nd. The public launch is planned for May.

Apps from the web

Earlier this year, Apple allowed alternative app stores as part of the DMA, allowing developers to list their apps on authorized alternative app marketplaces such as Mobivention. The new iOS 17.5 update would also enable sideloading on developer websites, according to MacRumors.

Developers must first sign up for the EU Terms and Conditions, which allows them to create third-party app marketplaces. The prerequisite for this is that they have been in the development program for at least two years and have an application with more than one million initial installations per year.

Source: IT Daily



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