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Snapdragon X Elite impresses in Geekbench: ARM PCs aim well


Snapdragon X Elite model X1E78100 appeared in the Geekbench database installed on a Lenovo laptop and a truly impressive final scorebetter than some high-end processors from Intel or AMD.

You already know that a new generation of personal computers is being prepared for the platform we know as Windows on ARM, which wants to repeat the success of Apple with its Silicon project and at the same time serve as an alternative to Intel and AMD. While we wait for Microsoft to get a reliable version of Windows on the level of the one it has for the x86 architecture, it seems that the hardware part that Qualcomm makes will be up to the task.

Snapdragon This is a model with a 12-core Oryon CPU running at 3.42 GHz and combined with 32 GB of DDR5 RAM.

The scores achieved in single core and multitasking are really impressiveand surpasses top developments from Intel such as the Core i9-13900H and the powerful Ryzen 9 8945HS from AMD.

We have to be careful, because the results of the Benchmark and its synthetic tests cannot always be faithfully transferred to the real world, but they are still good points for the launch of a new Windows platform on ARM, whose previous attempts were, frankly, unsuccessful. in total.

We have much more doubts about the software part. If Microsoft can make Windows that runs as well on ARM architecture as it does on x86 and is able to run apps and games at the same level, Qualcomm’s design (and ARM computers in general) will have a good future. Otherwise, it won’t be possible no matter how high Qualcomm’s development level is.

The manufacturer has announced that computers with these Snapdragon X Elite will be available in the summer of 2024 and they would use “another” Windows. At the Computex fair in Taiwan, we will certainly see the latest developments from Lenovo, HP, ASUS or Acer.

Source: Muy Computer



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