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Microsoft is canceling Xbox 360 games


Microsoft announced this in August last year The Xbox 360 Store will be closed already close to the month of July this year, specifically on Monday, July 29. This closure will put an (almost) definitive end to the history of Microsoft’s most successful console, the only one that really put PlayStation on the ropes and, thanks to the sensational catalog of games that came with it, left a memory in many of us that remains indelible to this day.

So much so that, as I said when we heard about the closing of the store, the Xbox 360 It’s still a very interesting option to enjoy those great titlesand I know that even today there are still many people who still turn theirs on from time to time to refresh a half-finished game or rediscover one of the games they liked back in the day. That’s my case without further ado, and the benefit of stopping it for so long is that you no longer have to install updates every time you turn it on.

At Microsoft, they realize the value that many users still place on the Xbox 360, and while it makes sense to close up shop with a console that was discontinued in April 2016, the people who still use it today made the choice. As we told you before, the closure of the store means that it will no longer be possible to purchase games or DLC and other content. However, Users will be able to continue downloading and playing titles they have acquired on that date..

Well, if you have one and continue to use it more or less often, it might be time to expand your collection because Microsoft is selling over sixty Xbox 360 games at up to 90% off. And this is the initial list, as those from Redmond confirm that they are talking to studios and distributors to try to add more games to these farewell sales, with which they have secured a future full of possibilities for the veteran console. All games added to the list will remain permanently discounted until the sale closes.

Of course, the evolution of consoles meant that today neither the graphics nor the performance of the veteran Xbox 360 can compete with the current generation. However, either out of nostalgia or because we are not particularly demanding in terms of graphics (a possibility that is expanding every day), The 360 ​​is still capable of providing many hours of entertainmenttake even more advantage of sales like these.

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