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We are within the scope of Google I/O 2024 and after reporting the arrival of Gemini, Project Astra and artificial intelligence to the Google search engine, there will be news about both the second beta of Android 15 and the system coming soon. announced.

One of the most relevant relates to security. Phone thefts are the talk of the day and Google has a plan to prevent thieves from easily accessing our information. A plan where the phone itself will be put into defense mode.

Android 15 will arrive with its version at the end of the year, but we already know some of the new features that the new Google system will have. Two important new features are coming regarding improvements in Gemini, integrations in local applications and security.

The first of these is a function called Custom Field, as the name suggests. will act as a stronghold for our most valuable applications: Banking applications, messaging applications and applications that we do not want to be visible too much will be saved in a more protected area. Google describes it as a digital vault where we can hide applications.

Even if we have unlocked the phone, we will need to complete the authentication step again to access this secure folder. In this way, even if someone catches our unlocked phone for any reason, they will not be able to access these applications.

However, this is not its most notable security-related function. Google confirmed an even more powerful Android 15 innovation. Our phone will be able to use artificial intelligence along with its physical sensors to detect if someone is filming us.

If it is detected that someone is trying to take the phone from our hands and run away (pedestrian, motorcycle, bicycle, car, etc.), the phone will be automatically locked. In this way, it will not be possible for them to access our data. There is no news on when this feature will arrive, but it looks like it will be one of the keys to the stable version.

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