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WhatsApp will allow you to better control notifications. Say goodbye to backlogs of unread messages


Those of us who have been in many WhatsApp groups, groups of friends, neighbors and buy/sell groups, know how overwhelming it can be to see a dozen chats piling up with countless unread messages. WhatsApp is working on a new feature This will lighten the burden and make it easy to prioritize the conversations that really matter to us.

This is a new option that the folks at WaBetaInfo discovered in the app’s configuration menu. reset unread message counter automatically every time we enter the application.

If you wish, say goodbye to “300 pending messages” in WhatsApp groups.

This feature was discovered in the latest available development version of the WhatsApp app for Android, specifically version The function is located in the WhatsApp Settings menu. Options for configuring notifications of the application.

By enabling this function, WhatsApp will reset all unread message counters every time we log into the app, automatically. In other words, the notification of 300 or more messages accumulated in some conversations will disappear every time we enter the application, regardless of whether we open an individual or group chat to read them.

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Image: WaBetaInfo.

Possible enable or disable this functiondepending on whether we want to use it or not. It is a tool that can be very useful to manage our notifications on WhatsApp, especially for users and others who use the platform extensively, both for personal and commercial use.

The number of messages accumulated in each chat when this function is activated It will restart every time we enter WhatsApp, but it will still be possible to determine which are the latest messages in the application. In this way, it is possible for you to focus on the most important messages and conversations without the pressure of that group that you have not joined for a few days and which has already accumulated nearly 500 messages.

Function to reset the message counter to be read when opening the application still under developmentIt is not yet known when it will be available to all users or when WhatsApp will reach the public beta version.

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