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Istanbul Airport’s Internet of Things (IoT) provider evaluated the relationship between IoT and sustainability: the number of devices will exceed 29 billion by 2027


In addition to its use in everyday life, it has also become widespread on an industrial scale, especially with Industry 4.0. Internet of Things (IoT) applicationshas become the key to efficiency and sustainability. Current estimates estimate that the number of devices connected to IoT By 2027, this number will exceed 29 billion while the Industrial IoT (IIoT) market will increase every year until 2032. will grow by 17% It’s estimated. In this period when scalability is crucial to balance costs, the demand for platforms that manage internet-connected and interoperable smart devices from a single point has increased.

Sharing their evaluations on the topic Connected System CEO Ferhan Köksal“As operations grow, it becomes inevitable to use advanced technology for efficiency. IoT, which is considered an indispensable part of digitalization and digital transformation, has now become the common denominator of all industries. Industrial applications of IoT technology provide the ability to manage all network devices from a single point.” he said.

IoT investments contribute to sustainability

The report entitled The Sustainability Imperative, conducted by research and consultancy firm EY, revealed how high-performance technologies such as IoT contribute to companies’ ESG objectives and sustainability roadmaps. According to the report 1 of 2 companies High-quality technological investments such as IoT contribute to sustainability, 3 out of 4 companies He also expressed his belief that this could help reduce CO2 emissions.

Köksal said they provide solutions that will help companies increase their efficiency, accelerate their growth and ensure scalability: “IoT basically defines smart systems that can communicate with each other. It can be used in many areas, from inventory and stock status to measuring air quality, from supply chain tracking to landscape irrigation management. Like Connected Systems, which has been active since 2019, companies of all sizes and sectors can; Our products range from waste modules to parking sensors, from landscape irrigation modules to industrial nodes; “With our expertise, we realize turnkey IoT projects such as system integration, communication solutions and project advice.” he said.

IoT solutions are provided to Istanbul Airport

One of the most important airports in the world Istanbul Airport It was also indicated that she achieved sustainability gains with Connected Systems. Köksal used the following statements about this in his statement:

“İGA is an extremely strategic business partner for us. IoT devices at İGA, where many operations need to be performed simultaneously in harmony, serve many purposes, from automatically watering an area of ​​about 1 million square meters to fire prevention by monitoring the battery temperature status of buggy vehicles in real time, and to improve comfort of passengers with temperature and humidity measurements. This allows İGA to manage IoT processes from a single environment. All this paves the way for İGA to set an example for the world in energy efficiency and sustainability.”

Internet of Things meets artificial intelligence

The CEO of Connected Systems noted that the amount of data produced by Internet of Things devices will increase, especially with the widespread use of connection speeds such as 5G, and finally added the following statements: to artificial intelligence pointed out:

“Digitalization is not a process with a beginning and an end. All components in the field of digitalization must come together in the right way, work together and at the same time be jointly managed. As an IoT solutions provider, we closely follow the AIoT trend, which can be understood as the artificial intelligence of objects, in all projects where we prioritize efficiency and savings. We take advantage of the capabilities of artificial intelligence to use the data obtained and stored in the most accurate and fast way.

Thanks to Internet of Things devices, it is not only important to monitor and control these observations, but also to convert them into actionable results. With system integration, IoT cloud services and IoT device solutions, we use the power of artificial intelligence-enabled data analytics to make smart decisions while determining the problem and need. Since 2019, we have developed over 78 IoT and IIoT modules and worked on more than 100 projects. “

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